10 Foods for a Whiter, Brighter Smile

Hello ladies!

Maybe you’re looking forward to having the weekend off, or some cool plans later this week. I’ve got some ingredients you can add to your diet plan for a brighter smile to show off in photos of your upcoming adventures. Check back to for some inexpensive products that will boost your whitening regimen.

Our lifestyle diet is important for good health, nutrition, energy, happiness, and that flattering figure we all want, but did you know that what you eat may also be either bad or good for your teeth? My last post mentioned some Don’ts in your diet that cause your smile to stain or darken, but this week I have a list of 10 foods that will whiten your teeth and boost your smile, just from eating! I’m loving this a lot! Next time you check in with your dentist they will notice the improvement in a healthy smile.

10. Strawberries. Yum! Red, juicy strawberries for a snack, on the go, or sided with dessert. I’m in! Strawberries contain an enzyme, malic acid, so next time you partake bite into them or rub a sliced strawberry against your teeth.

9. Pineapple. Pineapple is juicy, sweet, and a treat for your teeth. It contains, bromelain, an enzyme with multiple benefits: it is a natural stain remover and breaks up plaque. While you whiten you can prevent cavities and enamel erosion.

8. Vegetables: Carrots & Celery. Both of these veggies eaten raw, stimulate saliva which is your mouth’s natural cleanser and may kill bad breath. The crunchy texture for chewing works as a scrub brush on your teeth. Carrots contain Vitamin A which promotes healthy tooth enamel. Win win!

7. Ginger. Next time you’re out for Sushi or spicing up your food flavor, eat ginger. It contains anti-inflammatory ingredients that are healthy for your gums and can fight periodontal disease that causes loss of bone and connective tissue in your teeth.

6. Basil. Basil reduces the bacteria in your mouth as a natural antibiotic. Also try rosmarinic acid and oleanolic acid. Basil leaves are a good topping to add flavor to your pizza and gives a good boost to your breath.

5. Cheese! Snack cheese, sandwich filler, or a taco topping, cheese is rich in protein, phosphorous, and calcium which buffers acids in your mouth, and assists in repair of your teeth. Reduced-fat cheese in your diet will be healthier for your heart.

4. Garlic and Onions. Okay, okay so you’re probably either against the taste of one of these or cringing as you think about bad breath but both, contain sulfur compounds that reduce the bacteria that causes tooth decay. Cooking the onions will destroy these compounds so add raw onion to a burger or dice up in a dish.

3. Broccoli. Eat your greens! Broccoli is high in fiber and iron. The iron forms an acid-resistant film that protects the enamel of your teeth.

2. Salmon. High in protein and a good source of calcium and Vitamin D, salmon’s nutrients are necessary for healthy bones and teeth.

1. Baking soda. Many toothpaste brands contain baking soda which whitens teeth. You may apply baking soda directly to your toothbrush and scrub, but careful not to do so too often as it will damage the enamel strength with frequent use. Try it once a week or a few times during the month.

Bonus round! Eat sesame seeds or nuts which help as carrots, celery, and apples to scrub away plaque on the surface of your teeth. They contain teeth strengthening calcium 🙂

Happy, healthy eating to you & your teeth! Until next time!

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