5 Easy Fixes for Summer Bummers


1) I just colored my hair but there’s this POOL PARTY coming up and I really wanna swim!!!

OK so this happens a TON. Us ladies pay an arm and a leg to get our hair done super cute, and then we realize – it’s hot as a mug outside and we just wanna take a dunk in a pool! Plus we’ve all experienced that time when some jerk pushes us in a pool, so let’s be real. So here’s what I recommend. LEAVE-IN or DEEP CONDITIONER. Wet your hair with a squirt bottle of water and slather this stuff on religiously before you leave the house, and this conditioner acts as a shield to keep that chlorine out! Be sure to shampoo and condition again once you get home just to get all the grime out from other people who swam with you.

2) Beach party this weekend and I need a flat tummy- QUICK!!!

Thanks to my favorite supermodel and nutrition expert Karri Lauritzen’s eBook, “The Magic Diet,” I found that even just following this diet for a couple days, one can easily shed 2-7 pounds. There are special recipes that literally everyone has ingredients for at their own homes, including day-by-day meal planning. (book can be found on https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/226727) It’s an eBook so no waiting for it to come in the mail! Just click, order, read! She also has recommendations on this site, Femiology.com, for belly-flattening ideas including D.I.Y. body wraps and quick exercises that’ll have you thin in no time! (5 Extremely Unusual Slimming Techniques: http://femiology.com/five-extremely-unusual-slimming-techniques/)
Woman sweating very badly under armpit

3) Sweaty Armpits, Chest (bra sweat) and Back! Help!!!! I thought this only happened to overweight MEN!

Ok, calm down, take a deep breath and find a happy place. Just kidding – this is SERIOUS!!!! Yes those hot days can bring in (actually bring out) what seems like buckets of perspiration, even if you’re just chilling or talking to a random hot guy. It really sucks, and once you have it, he’s likely to notice unless you have a sweater on, but even that may be extremely uncomfortable, and kinda weird if it’s like, 90 degrees outside. Here’s what you do: you PREVENT it. For stress sweat, which is when your underarms sweat because you’re nervous, from anxiety or stressful situations, you need to use a clinical-strength antiperspirant, which has the highest OTC amount of aluminum zirconium trichlorohydrex, the active ingredient. We like Secret Clinical Strength Stress Response antiperspirant/Deodorant ($10 or less at most drugstores). Other sweat can be your body’s way of cooling itself down, but you can keep your body cool before sweat even thinks about ruining your day by wearing less clothing, wearing “breatheable” clothing, such as loose cotton or moisture-wicking synthetic fabrics. Be sure to use all-natural bar soaps too when you shower and use a hair-dryer to dry off after towel-drying, which will help remove excess moisture from your body that can cause you to sweat. And for those of us “larger chested” women who sweat in awkward places below our bras, try mixing cornstarch and baking powder to create a cooling powder you can apply under your breasts. If that doesn’t work, you can also try applying a thin layer of (I recommend clinical-strength) antiperspirant in between and under the crease of your breasts to prevent sweat.


4) AAAAAAAGH!!!! What-a-Zit! I mean, what is it???

One word. Toothpaste. Samantha Goodsell, a Hollywood actress and one of our beauty bloggers, highly recommends putting a dab of toothpaste on your forming zit to make it disappear faster than a one-legged river dancer can hop! Sammy recommends:

“Most of the Celebs and Beauticians I’ve talked to about this affordable little secret use Colgate. Personally I prefer Crest. Either way it works wonders!!! Splash your face with a little water, just so its damp. Then take a small pinky swipe of toothpaste and place it on your worst, most stubborn, and impacted zits. A tingling feeling is to be expected. Cover with a bandage and by morning its either right at the surface ready for your usual acne treatment or IT’S GONE!”

5) Party was GREAT, got a hot DATE; umm, where did this sunburn come from???

While there is no INSTANT CURE for sunburn, here are a few recommendations for those whose skin is so sore they just wanna stay at home in their undies for a week cuz it hurts so bad. Many people use aloe vera gels and I’ve heard many at-home remedies that recommend using vinegar on your sunburn, but that one stings a bit. You can soak the sunburned areas in cold or ice water for a few minutes, remove and repeat, but if your whole body or most of it is burnt, you can also soak in tepid water in a bath tub; DO NOT scrub with a wash cloth, or plastic scrubbie. I would recommend dragging the washcloth gently over you skin, and soak for about 20 minutes. To dry off afterwards, PAT your body with towel and DO NOT rub dry. There are certain cooling soaks for the tub, or even oatmeal-based products such as Aveeno that can help relieve the burn and promote quick healing.


Now get out there and enjoy the rest of your Summer!




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