5 Last Minute Fathers Day Gifts Under $20

Father’s Day is just a few days away! And if you’re anything like me, you don’t wanna be the person who gets your dad another tie this year, right? You want to astonish pops with something fantabulistic (I made up that word)! Here are a few ideas that I found online for most dads, which are sure to result in you becoming your father’s favorite this Father’s Day, and the best part, they’re all under $20!


Pop’s Goody Basket

This is such a cute idea. You go to your local Target or Walmart, scavenger-hunt (basically) for every type of food that says “pop” in it, and wrap it up neat into a gift basket! This shouldn’t cost more than $20, especially if you purchase most of the items from Dollar Tree. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Popcorn
  • Push Pop candy
  • Pop-Tarts
  • Soda pop
  • Caramel Apple Pops
  • Pop Rocks candy
  • Popsicles (Otter Pops are typically safe for these, since you can put them in while they’re warm)
  • Ring Pops
  • Lemon poppysead cake mix
  • Kellogg’s Pops cereal

You can find a cheap little basket at Dollar Tree (and most of the candy too), as well as the plastic cellophane bag and ribbons to tie your basket up. Then just write a cute card and attach it to the basket and voila! You got yourself a perfect present for pops!  If you don’t feel like going through the hassle buying all the items in it, Amazon also sells pre-made Father’s Day gift baskets here for $25 –> Camouflage Retro Father’s Day Candy Gift Basket If you have Amazon Prime, you can still get them in time for Father’s Day.

candyposter2 candyposter1


Candy Bar Poster

I made this for my dad last year, all of the candies plus the board itself can be found at Dollar Tree also. You can write any message you like, or use my example here, and purchase the candies and glue them on. I actually used duct tape since the glue I had wouldn’t hold the weight of the candies. This gift should only cost around $10-15 to make, depending on where you purchase your candy and board.  



Star War’s Lightsaber Chopsticks

Don’t tell my father-in-law, but this year I got these for him! I heard that he is obsessed with sushi, and the Star Wars movies, so I thought I’d get these for him. They were $30 on most websites, but I found them on Amazon for $11 actually! They come in red, blue, purple, and green, and actually LIGHT UP when you use them! If your budget is a little over $20, you can always buy him two of them, one for now and one for later. Here is where I got mine –>Star Wars Chop Sabers – Luke Skywalker Blue If you have Amazon Prime, you can still get them in time for Father’s Day.



ESPN All Sports Trivia Game

Is your dad a sports fan? Look no further then! This game will give him a challenge and test his smarts on all things SPORTS! This game will guarantee your dad nonstop fun and games for hours. I found it cheapest on Amazon for $19.97 here –> ESPN Trivia Game


Luck Be a Lottery Gift Bouquet

No wine needed for this one, this bouquet will have pops jumping for joy, especially if he wins big bucks! For this gift, you can use a basket or mason jar (or a cool Father’s Day/ decorative mug of your choice) and some wooden skewers; and tape the back of each lottery ticket to a skewer, and arrange them into a beautiful bouquet. Tie a great big ribbon around the mouth of the jar/basket for looks and you’re all set. Be sure to keep your receipt, just in case any of them are a winner, wink wink! This one should cost you no more than $20 for everything.

Happy Father’s Day from Femiology!

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