Easy Mason Jar Salad Recipes!

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I saw this idea online and thought, what a cute idea and fun way to eat healthy! You can easily take these with you to work as lunch and do all kinds of layers with them. I randomly put together a few salad recipes based on what I had in my kitchen and I’ll provide those ingredients below, but feel free to add whatever you like and whatever you have at home! The more red and green veggies, the better!

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In order to keep your veggies fresh and avoid making anything soggy, want to add your salad dressing to the bottom of the jar, then some veggies (I added red peppers, craisins, sliced apples, chopped up carrot sticks, celery, etc., then the meat on top of that, and then the cheese or any spices you wish to add, and then the lettuce. Then refrigerate and viola! Healthy lunches for a week! Remember that these yummies only last for a week in a jar so make sure to actually eat them and not just let them sit and look pretty! But by all means, share this post!

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RECIPES BELOW. Feel free to add ANYTHING you like, you can come up with your own yummy creations like I did! I just grabbed random ingredients I had in my fridge and started slicing it all up, such as swiss cheese, Deli Fresh sliced turkey, craisins (the store brand) and dried cherries, red bell-peppers, etc.

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And don’t forget to either write down the date you put them in the fridge on a sticky note on top so you can remember how long they’ve been there! You can also take these to people who need meals or as a surprise lunch for someone special!!

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*My ingredients are in order of which items go in the jar first, second, third, etc.


Salmon Caeser Salad

Caeser salad dressing

fruits/veggies (I used chopped carrots and celery)

shredded Parmesan cheese

salmon chunks, baked or grilled and spiced to taste (or can use grilled chicken instead)

romaine or green-leaf lettuce


Turkey Salmon Delight

Strawberry flavored vinaigrette (I like Ken’s Lite Steak House brand)

chopped apples, chopped red peppers

chopped carrots

salmon chunks, baked or grilled and spiced to taste

turkey slices (I used Oscar Meyer’s Deli Fresh meat)

Craisins and dried cherries

Swiss cheese, sliced into thin pieces

romaine or green leaf lettuce


Mandarin Ginger Turkey Salad (can you tell I made up the recipe names? LOL!)

Brianna’s Mandarin Ginger dressing

apple slices, carrot slices, red pepper slices

chopped tomatoes and celery

swiss cheese, sliced

turkey slices

parmesan cheese

romaine or green leaf lettuce


BLT Chicken Salad

Ranch dressing (I used Kraft lite ranch dressing)

chopped carrots, chopped red or green peppers


turkey bacon, chopped up in bits

grilled chicken pieces

Parmesan cheese

romaine lettuce


Fruit and Veggie Salad

Raspberry vinaigrette (Or Brianna’s strawberry salad dressing)

apple slices, carrot slices, chopped celery

tomato slices

chopped strawberries

almond or pecan slices



romaine or green leaf lettuce


Turkey Cranberry salad

 Ranch or Caesar dressing

carrot and celery slices

dried cranberries

Parmesan cheese

turkey slices

romaine lettuce


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