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Femiology.com is a popular Women’s Lifestyle blog. It contains blog posts in many topics, including fitness, fashion, health, recipes, hair styling, makeup tips, beauty tricks, crafts, DIY, etc. Femiology was an idea I had back in March of 2013, and using a WordPress platform and GoDaddy web hosting, this famous blog was born. I originally had the idea of creating a women’s lifestyle blog that women around the world can go to for the latest fashion and fitness tips, and then spread that to beauty, lifestyle, recipes and cooking, etc. I did not expect that my website would become a popular hub for recipes, beauty and fitness tips, health and fashion advice when I created it. Currently, Femiology has reached over 2,600,000 visitors worldwide, and has over 500k pins to Pinterest, my posts have over 100,000 combined Facebook likes, and 5,000+ shares on other major social media platforms. It’s been a success!

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About me, I’m Corri Anna Lauritzen (owner of Femiology)! I’m a former high fashion supermodel, an actress, single mommy, and an identical twin! I’d like to say I spend my time baking, homemaking, couponing, blogging, making homemade soaps, and giving others fashion and fitness advice (someday, yes). IN REALITY THOUGH, I spend all of my time chasing around my happy 9 month old baby, cleaning up pile after pile of spit up and crumbs, chores, errands, and meals, with a few blogging opportunities during his naptime, and during mealtime and bedtime. I grew up in the foster care system and was adopted by a wonderful LDS family as an adult. I am an active Latter-Day Saint, one of 19 siblings, and am currently living out my dreams (while waiting for my Prince Charming to come along) in Riverside, California with my baby, Tristan. Through blogging, I hope to inspire women across the world to love their bodies and believe in themselves and to provide easy fashion, health and beauty tips, as well as delicious recipes to help women look and feel great!

For questions, advertising inquiries, or guest blogging opportunities, please email me at support@femiology.com



Model: Corri Lauritzen Photographer: Joseph Cancilla Dress: Ripple Effect by Nina and Annie Giardinelli

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Model: Corri Lauritzen Photographer: Maria Ison


Model: Corri Lauritzen Photography: David Terry

Corri and Tristan, Easter 2015

Model: Corri Lauritzen Photography: David Terry

Models: Corri Anna Thomas & Karri Lauritzen MUA/H: Jenny Bakes Photographer: Alex Weisman

Models: Corri Lauritzen & Karri Lauritzen
MUA/H: Jenny Bakes
Photographer: Alex Weisman


Models: Corri Lauritzen & Karri Lauritzen H/MUA: Suzanne Schofield Gallegos Photographer: David Terry

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