Awesome Tissue Paper Deal, FREE STUFF, and $25 cash!


Target Deal: Tissue Paper

I recently found this deal at Target that’s AMAZING!!! So you go to Target, get 2 Cottonelle 30-pk double rolls of tissue paper. You get them for $16 each, right? Because that’s their deal. Use the $2.00 off coupon found here by sharing the page with 3 friends, and you got it for $15.00 each.  For buying 2, you get a free $5 gift card for Targer. And then you go back later or the next day and RETURN one of the tissue paper packs, and keep the other one. So you’d get your refund for $15.00, you keep the $5.00 gift card, and you basically just spent $10.00 on a 30-pack of Cottonelle tissue paper. I looked EVERYWHERE online and in other stores to find a better deal on a 30-pack of tissue paper, and there are none!! So basically this is an AMAZING deal and you walk away with a free $5 gift card you can add to someone’s birthday present or as a discount next time you go to Target! 😀


Walgreen’s Deal: $25 in Walgreen’s Register Rewards

So Walgreens has these 3 GREAT deals going on TODAY AND TOMORROW ONLY!!!! The first, is in their ad. If you spend $25 of more, on ANYTHING, you get 5,000 points added to your rewards card, equal to $5.00 cash. You get to use this $5 the next time you come in. They also have these two products, one’s called “Fit Smart Simply Slim” weight loss supplement, and the other’s called “Estroven Mood and Memory” supplement. These products are $10 each, as the weekly ad shows (ad expired on January 18th), and for each one you buy, you get a $10 register reward print-out that can basically be used as CASH for your next trip. And by buying both products, you’d get a total of $20 back. Now, here’s the deal. If you go to ANOTHER Walgreens and RETURN both of them, or even keep one if you need it, you get your money back! And you get to keep the $20 register rewards, and you also have the $5 in points added to your card, so the next time you go to Walgreens, you have $25 to spend on anything you want there! Boom baby!


Free Stuff:

OK so I LOVE this Sample a Day website. Every day there’s a few deals on FREE SAMPLES you can get. I’ve tried it and have gotten TONS of free vitamins, supplements, feminine product samples, candy, cleaning supplies, food, etc. etc.!!! So sign up for a few deals, wait about 5-6 weeks and BAM! Your mailbox has a new goody in it each day!! I like to sign up for one deal every other day, and reap the rewards later when I’m having a bad day or feeling down, and at the perfect moment, a free sample will show up in my mailbox that I’ve completely forgotten I signed up for! It’s such a wonderful feeling, like Santa comes each week! Love this!!




Do YOU know of anymore deals? I will try to post as often as I can whenever I hear of other deals like this! Feel free to share the deals you’re getting or have gotten this week below!


~Corri Anna



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