10 Summer Beauty Tips


Hi Ladies! I hope it’s sunny and there’s a pool or beach nearby (and yes I’m using my own modeling pics for this post haha)! This Summer we all need to make sure we’re protecting our beautiful skin and so I’m leaving you all some information on how to keep your skin healthy and smooth from the dry heat of summertime! The number one key to healthy skin is hydration during these hot months, and I’m not just talking about chugging water all day (which is SUPER important too though). The outdoor exposure, sun damage, chlorine, strong winds, and so forth can take a beating on your skin and if you’ve been burning and peeling you really need to do more to protect yourself!

Here’s a list of 10 beauty tips to beat the heat and protect, moisturize, and repair your fragile skin:

1. Sunscreen. I’m sure on the news, in magazines, online, and common sense you hear all about the precautions you should take while outdoors, especially for fair complexions. Sunscreen of SPF 30 waterproof is best because it lasts for several hours, and applying sunscreen before going in the water without any other lotions will give you the best protection. Even tanned skin and darker complexions need to protect from the sun’s strong UV rays and wrinkles.

2. Chapstick. Moisturize your lips to keep them moist and kissable. The skin on your lips is sensitive and can dry out fast or crack in sunlight exposure and winds. You can spread it on under your lipstick or buy a lip tinting Chapstick brand that will give you a soft color with full protection. Us women tend to lose these so pack plenty!

3. Microdermabrasion skin care product, scrubs, and Dead Sea Salt Scrub
helps to remove dead skin that just sits on your skin drying out and flaking. Add a facial buff to your morning face wash routine or take a scrub into your shower to refresh and cleanse your skin. I personally recommend this self-microdermabrasion kit that Amazon sells. It’s way cheaper than going out and paying $100+ per session when you can do it from home. Olay Pro-X Microdermabrasion Plus Advanced Cleansing System, 1-Kit

4. Cucumber. Eat it raw, cooked, or use it topically. Cucumber can be sliced and placed over your eyes. It feels refreshing and has a light activating ingredient to cool your skin and lighten dark circles to rid puffy eyes’ swelling. Cucumber shares the same hydration levels as your skin and is perfectly compatible offering many essential nutrients. Yes To Cucumbers Daily Calming Moisturizer

5. Moisturizer. Lather up with a good vitamin enriched lotion. Most skin care lotions are packed with vitamins K and E. Using a scented lotion with alcohol as an ingredient can dehydrate and damage your skin so try to avoid these during the daytime. Brands like Curel and Eucerin are really good moisturizers to help add extra hydration for your skin. Be sure to lotion up after your showers and after being out in the sun.

6. Coconut Oil. It works ladies! Coconuts contain ingredients that nourish the skin and help to relieve burns. Buy a pure coconut oil and run it through your hair before and after a day at the beach or pool. It will keep your tresses shiny and smooth.

7. Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera is a long time remedy for cuts, scans, and burns. Many cooling gels are made with a good amount of Aloe Vera. Hawaiian Tropic sells a Lime lotion with Aloe Vera that helped to heal a really bad sunburn of mine within a few days. Apply topically all over problem areas and before sun exposure for the best benefits. Your skin will thank you for it, trust me! Hawaiian Tropic Lime Coolada After Sun Moisturizing Lotion

8. Sunglasses. Grab a cute pair of stylish eyewear to protect your eyes from the UV rays as well. It is important to protect your eyes from burn and vision damage. Likewise, darkened lenses can protect your eyes from forming bags and wrinkles underneath.

9. Hair up with a hat. There are many cute hairdo’s that can protect your hair from tangling and drying out in the wind as well as keep your face, neck, and back cooler. A hat will do the same to protect your face from the damaging effects of prolonged sun exposure.

10. Light clothing. Dark colors tend to draw in the sun and burns. Wearing lighter clothing can help you to keep cool as well as provide you with a sense of style! Now that you ladies have been informed of these fabulous ways to beat the heat, go forth and have a wonderful Summer!


Happy Summer!

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