Beauty Boosters: 7 Healthy Foods That Make You Beautiful

Good morning Ladies!
How are your New Years resolutions coming along? Most of us probably have something we want to accomplish this year with weight loss, health, or beauty. I have seven foods that will help you make progress with any of these goals and make you feel better. Isn’t that exciting! These seven food products have properties that boost your beauty and if you start now, you can enjoy summer looking your best self.

1. Greek Yogurt. Stores have to work harder to keep shelves stocked with this trending treat. Greek yogurt is packed with amino acids and helps reduce the dark circles under your eyes. It’s a great fix for those nights you stay up too late or for long days you worked hard and still want to go out at night. Aside from it’s beauty benefit, Greek yogurt is filling so you won’t binge on large amounts of food.
2. Celery. If you’re gonna take a little extra time or spend a bit extra money to whiten your teeth you ought to have good breath too. Nothing ruins a first impression or kiss like having bad breath. Celery unlike other veggies requires more chewing which causes you to salivate producing more enzymes that fight bacteria that causes bad breath.
3. Water. Of course! You should be drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day. Aside from the healthy, clear skin water helps provide, water aids metabolism function better when you’re hydrated and allows you to look more toned and thin.
4. Broccoli and Red Bell Peppers. These ingredients contain high levels of antioxidants including Vitamin C which is shown to give you the best looking skin.
5. Carrots. We’ve talked about sun damage to skin and how to prevent the lines and wrinkles progression but we never mentioned to eat carrots. They contain carotenoids which help protect from UV rays and decrease redness. Get your summer glow without frying your skin.
6. Salmon. Fish contains Omega-3s which must be eaten since our bodies cannot make it. It’s not only good for metabolism and burning fat, but Omega-3s are mood boosters. Less stress and thus clear skin, making a happy you and that looks much sexier.
7. Legumes and Kidney Beans. These are packed with protein, of course, but also contain iron, zinc, and biotin which give you longer stronger hair. Who doesn’t want longer hair?! So many look for ways to grow it out and you need it to be healthy to keep growing so that it isn’t dry and brittle causing breakage.

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