Best Homemade Potato Wedges


I usually make homemade potato wedges with turkey burgers, and they usually turn out okay. Nothing too fancy, or overly delicious, just a fun side for a burger. But last night I made THESE potato wedges, using ingredients I always have on hand in the kitchen, and they turned out soooo good, I was shocked at how easy it was to make them! They’re soft on the inside, crunchy on the edges, and delicious dipped in ketchup, ranch, “fry sauce” (for you Utah peeps), etc.! It’s literally the best potato wedges anyone in my family have ever tasted! Please comment below and let me know how awesome this recipe was for your family, and please share this post so more people can see it!

Best Homemade Potato Wedges

Cook time: 30 minutes

Yield: (using 1 potato per person) 3 servings


3 medium-sized Russet potatoes

2 tbsp olive oil

1 tbsp Lawry’s seasoned salt

1 tbsp grated Parmesan cheese

1/2 tsp pepper


Preheat oven to 425 degrees. Chop 3 potatoes vertically into 6-8 wedges per potato. Place potatoes in a microwave-safe bowl or plate and microwave them for 2-3 minutes, or until soft. In a large ziploc bag, add 2 tbsp olive oil and 1 tbsp Lawry’s seasoned salt, 1 tbsp grated Parmesan cheese and 1/2 tsp pepper. Add fries to bag and zip tight, and shake for about 2 minutes or until mixture is evenly coating potatoes. Line potato wedges on a flat ungreased baking sheet and bake for 20 minutes. Let cool and serve with your favorite dipping sauce. Enjoy!

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