10 C-Section Recovery Essentials


There I was, 38 weeks pregnant with my first baby. By then I felt soooo prepared, I had everything I needed for a vaginal delivery.

…..and then I found out I would need to have a C-section.


I had only a few days before the C-section was scheduled, so what was I going to do?? Here’s what I did, I gave away the items I had purchased to my sister (who was due the day before me and having a vaginal delivery) spoke to a bunch of other mommies who had cesarean births and found out what they used, what worked and what didn’t. Then I drafted up this list based on items I ACTUALLY USED. Hope this helps!

1) Always Extra Heavy Overnight Maxi Pads with Flexi-Wings – I actually saved these, and ended up using them too. They were perfect. And they have not failed me!

2) Always Discreet Incontinence Underwear – These are actually EXCELLENT for postpartum bleeding. Especially that first week you’re home from the hospital. And if you’re like me, and are too embarrassed to walk into a store and purchase these (even if you try to fake that they’re for someone else), it’s easiest to get these on Amazon and have them shipped directly to your doorstep.

3) C-section Postpartum Abdomen Recovery Belt Belly Binder – These things work MIRACLES. I used one for the first 2 months after giving birth and my tummy was already back down to its pre-baby size within the first month postpartum! I’m telling you, it’s amazing; I wore it throughout the day and even as I slept I kept it on. I maybe took if off for an hour each day. It really helps with the tummy pain after a C-section also. And as your tummy shrinks, you can adjust the belt so it gets tighter and fits more snug around your waist.
4) Nipple Shields – I know these aren’t specific to a C-section but I DEFINITELY needed them. No one tells you after you have a baby that your baby feeders will be SUPER SORE for not just 2 weeks, but the first 4-6 weeks! They don’t tell you that you will bleed, and scab, and chap, and cry while nursing your baby. So these definitely helped me out a TON. And get 2 of them, one that you can put in your diaper bag, and another for home. And be sure to wash them with a baby-safe soap after every use.

5) Medela SoftShells for Sore Nipples – They’re a hard version of the nipple shields. I had a difficult time with anything rubbing against my chest for the first 2-3 weeks, so I would slip these protectors into my bra and ha, talk about an angry woman being at peace! They made life so much easier. They also have a built in cup for collecting any milk that leaks out during nursing.

6) Baby Book with Clean-Touch Ink Pad – It’s nice to bring this with you to the hospital! There’s always that page where you can add baby hand and foot prints, plus with all that downtime when your guests are gone, the baby’s sleeping, yet its too loud to sleep (and you can’t walk around yet), you’ll be looking for something to do and will be so glad you brought it!


7) What to Expect the First Year – Since you will be sitting for a long time (it’s really painful to walk for the first week), you might as well get comfy with some good books! I especially found this one helpful that I received as a gift.


8) Granny Panties (AKA Haines Women’s 6 Pack Core Cotton Brief Panties) – Meaning high-top underwear. While the hospital does provide you with a couple pairs of mesh undies, these are much more comfortable for when you get home. And I know these sound silly, but after you have your C-section you will NOT like anything rubbing against your scar!!! Trust me, it’s a tiny investment to make for a large amount of pain relief.

9) Prunes or Prune Juice – Most hospitals won’t release you until you’ve had your first postpartum bowel movement, and most people don’t tell you how hard it is to go after having a C-section. These are easy to slip into your hospital bag for day 3 or 4 when you’ve been approved to eat solid foods. If not, then I also recommend the miniature prune juice drink bottles that Amazon sells here –> Ocean Spray Miniature Prune 100% Juice Drink 4-Ounce Containers (Pack of 48)

10) Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks – This Cocoa Butter worked WONDERFULLY on my skin. Not only do I not have any stretch marks anymore (and that’s HUGE coming from me, since everyone who knows me knows that my skin scars very easily and I have tons of dark marks on my face, and I have stretch marks on my knees still from when I was 12 years old), but my C-section scar has cleared up very well. It didn’t remove the scar completely, but it did lighten it significantly.


Let me show you a picture of me just 3 weeks after having a C-section. You almost can’t tell I even had a baby! These items I listed above really did work for me. And I know this post seems kind of embarrassing to read about, but trust me, every woman who is nervous about having a C-section can use this advice and feel a bit more prepared. Best wishes and fast healing to you, as well as a safe delivery!

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