Top 15 FUNNIEST Cat GIFs of All Time

Apparently the number 1 most-watched videos around the globe are of – Can anyone guess? CATS!!!! So here’s the Top 15 FUNNIEST mini cat videos to add to your humor watch list! You’ll be laughing harder and harder the longer you watch each one. No play button required!

1. Sup.

2. Nighttime routine for baby.

3. Lasers apparently can cause cats to bathe.

4. Call me Jumper!

5. Kitty practicing Kung Fu on video game.

6. Warning: Wetness may occur on this ride.

7. Scared kitty!

8. Upside down kung fu!

9. Warning: Sniffing water causes drenching effect

10. Why study when you can snuggle?

11. Ugh, stupid kid.

12. Invisible pogo-stick kitty!

13. And now for another episode of “Lost.”

14. Hustle! Hustle!

15. That’s right, keep walkin’

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