Closet “Essentials”

With Labor Day sales officially ending summer’s fashion, it means that it’s time to open up those boxes of our fall/winter clothes! I look forward to this all August, because by the end of summer, I’m ready for a change. The question I always have is what do I really need in my closet? It seems that every year I get frustrated because I’m not sure what I actually need to have in my closet. Should I get rid of the sweater that I bought last year or my favorite sweater that is six years old ready to retire? How many sweaters do I really need? And shoes? And lets not even start on my t-shirt collection.

This year I figured I’d ask the experts at my local malls what I really need to have a beautiful yet functional closet. Some of the stores such as Anne Taylor have personal shoppers that will help you find clothes that look good on you. Since I was in dire need of a professional wardrobe, I search my malls looking for advice. It took me just over 7 hours, but wow did I learn a lot. So without further ado, here is what I collect for the “essentials of a Fall wardrobe”.


• Black pantsuit (or jeans for casual work/home environments)

• 3 different neutral trousers

• 3 jeans in dark wash

• 2 Winter skirts

• A business print skirt (tweed, houndstooth, etc.)



• 4 cotton button up shirts

• 2 print blouses

• 2 solid blouses

• 2 sparkly blouses

• 3 short sleeve shirts

• 3 long sleeve shirts

• 2 sweaters



• A little black dress

• Solid color dress

• A fun dress



• 2 cardigans

• Wool coat

• Winter weight coat

• Lighter weight coat

• Trench coat



• Black heels

• Black flats

• Brown flats

• Colored flats

• Winter boots

• Fun heels



• Black purse

• Colored purse

• Watch

At least 3 Bras that fit right

• Small pendent necklace

• Large chunky statement necklace

• Black thin belt

• Shiny thin belt

• Colored thin belt


According to the personal shoppers, you do not need much to look stylish. You should have a few statement pieces and many classic pieces. What really matters the most is the fit of your clothes. It’s better to have a few pieces that fit well than a lot that don’t fit right. Even nice well-made clothing won’t look good unless the fit is great. They suggested which clothing I should get altered, and some stores, like Macy’s and Banana Republic, do basic alterations right in their own store! I now have jeans at two different lengths, one for flats and one for a two inch heel.

Two of the personal shoppers also strongly emphasized the importance of having a bra that fits. They told me that I can’t expect my shirts to fit, when the garments under them don’t fit quite right. They recommended getting refitted once every 6 months just to make sure your bras fit right.

It helped me a lot hearing all of this advice and now I’m excited to go through my closet and check off what I already have and throw out the excess. (Oh yeah, and shopping for what I’m missing.)

What do you think is essential for your closet? What’s your favorite thing you own?

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