Crockpot Taco Stew

 I’ve made Taco Soup before in a big pot on the stove, but I wanted something thicker with most of the juices absorbed rather than the ingredients swimming. So, I used a crock pot.

– 2 lbs of ground beef
– 2 cans of corn
– 2 cans of diced tomatoes
– 2 cans of black beans
– 1/2 onion
– 1 tbsp seasoned salt
– 1 tbsp spicy Montreal steak seasoning
– 1 tbsp garlic powder
– 1 tbsp ground black pepper
– 1 tsp chili pepper
– 1 tsp crushed red pepper
– 1 cup salsa
– sour cream, cheese, and lettuce to top
– tortilla chips to dip

1) Crumble the thawed beef into the crockpot and pour the 2 cans of black beans and 2 cans of diced tomatoes into the crockpot (don’t drain them).
2) Pour 1 can of corn in with the liquid, drain the second and then pour it in.
3) Pour seasonings in and stir.
4) Cook on high for 3 hours.
5) (We like our taco stuff pretty hot in temperature, so we transferred it over to
a big soup pot to heat it up for about 20 minutes on medium heat and make it easier to serve out of)

6) Chop up in the onion and pour in, as well as the salsa.
7) Put tortillas in a bowl, top with the Taco Stew, put sour cream and cheese on top.
8) Enjoy!

You might also want to add taco seasoning (from the powdered packets), but we didn’t have any, so we had to make our own type of taco seasoning with that mix of seasonings.
It was a favorite for all 4 of us and there was plenty left over!

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