Cyber Monday Deal – 6 Quart Crockpot FREE or $8 at JCPenney!

Here’s an awesome Cyber Monday crockpot deal I found online!


At JCPenney, you can get this 6-quart crockpot, originally $50, for only $8! Here’s how I got mine:

JCPenney has this crockpot for sale for $19.99.

Sign up for here to get a $10 cash back rebate (as a sign on bonus) as well as an extra 15% off your order and 15% cash back rebate from They will mail you a check.

Get a $10 mail in rebate from by signing this form here

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 9.50.30 PM

Originally, this order would be FREE. But including taxes and shipping surcharges (since it’s a heavy item, even if being picked up from the store), mine came out to $29.09 total. After receiving an ebates $10 off rebate and the $10 store rebate (don’t forget to print the form!!!), I’m only paying $8. I say $8 because haven’t received the 15% cash back yet from ebates on top of the $10 sign-on bonus, but once I do, that will make my total about $5 altogether.

Total spent: between $5 and $8.

Please share! Limited quantity available!

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