D.I.Y. Mother’s Day Dried Flower Bouquet


Are you tired of giving your mother (or mother-in-law) a bouquet of flowers that lasts only a few days? Does it make you sad when you see your flowers (or flowers you give someone you care about) wither away, droop over and die? Do you try all you can to preserve the memory of that Valentine’s Day bouquet, 1st date rose from your crush, or bunch or flowers a loved one gave you but have no luck whatsoever? WELL SEARCH NO FURTHER!!!! What you need to do to preserve those flowers and make them last VIRTUALLY FOREVER along with their scent and memories is DRY THEM OUT!!!!!

Ditch the water this Mother’s Day with a beautiful homemade bouquet of dried-out flowers!!!! These babies are sure to last forever if not many more YEARS than a sloppy temporary living bouquet that will eventually rot and die (No hope there). Your mother will be sooooo surprised when she finds this beautiful bouquet at her house and to know that it lasts forever (as long as she takes basic care of it, of course) will mean a lot to her! Here’s how to do it:

Step one: Get Flowers. Whether it’s a bouquet someone gave you, one you buy from the store or pick from your own (or your neighbor’s) yard, pick out any flowers that mean something to her. Think of her favorite colors, favorite types of flowers or scents, etc. Bring a few of them home.

Step two: Enjoy them for however long they last (this is optional if you have your own bouquet that someone gave you and you wanna keep it alive for a few days beforehand. The moment you see them start to wither or droop though is the time you need to preserve them.

Then Kill them. LOL sorry just checking to see if you’re still paying attention. You’re not ACTUALLY going to kill them, you’re going to PRESERVE THEM! 🙂

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Step three: Dry out your flowers. Gather the flowers you like best and tie the stems together with some string, ribbon, shoelaces or even non-scented floss. Hang them upside down and give them a couple of weeks to fully dry out. I like to tie mine by the stem at one side of the string, and the other side of the string in my coat closet where it’s dark and I can forget about them. They need plenty of time to sit on their own and dry out so put them somewhere the kids or pets can’t get to them or you accidentally bump and break them.

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Step four: A week or two later, your flowers should be ready!!!! 😀 Take the flowers down and feel them to make sure they’re completely dry (they will feel crusty). Be sure to use extra care because they will crack and break if you touch them too roughly. Place them inside of a vase (there’s tons of D.I.Y. flower vase ideas on this website http://www.shelterness.com/tag/diy-flower-vases/ ) and tie a ribbon around the flowers or vase.

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The scent will last FOREVER, seriously. I still have my wedding bouquet that I dried up and it still smells like the beautiful soft white roses I held the day I got to hold my Eternal sweetheart! OK so they are a little crunchy in texture now, but they haven’t failed me and I keep them in a beautiful vase on my bookshelf to forever remind me of that wonderful day. It’s also a GREAT idea to dry up ALL the flowers you get, even if it’s just 1-2 from each bouquet, because you can save them to remember special occasions as well as make your own homemade potpourri out of them because of their wonderful scents! Anything is possible.

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*If your Mother is surprised at the idea of a dried-up bouquet over a real living one, explain to her that your love for her lasts longer than a bouquet of living flowers does, and you wanted to represent your love with these dried up flowers. As long as they’re stored in a safe place (away from moisture and direct sunlight), they will last for many years, if not forever. What kind of Mother doesn’t want that from their child?

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Happy Mother’s Day everyone and take care of your Mothers well as you celebrate this wonderful holiday!

<3 Corri

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