Date Ideas for Creative Couples

Since my boyfriend and I are both designers, we’ve found that some of the activities that bring us closest together are the ones that challenge our creativity.  Whether it’s working together to create something we both love, or even a friendly competition (of course if “friendly” competition isn’t in you or your dates vocabulary, I wouldn’t suggest it for a date 😉 ) I’ve compiled a list of a few of my favorites.


1)  “Chopped” date –  Go to the grocery store, and each of you pick 2 food items (keep your picks a secret until you’re at the check stand).  Go home where you each have to create a dish using ALL four of the chosen items.  This works best if you have a well stocked kitchen, so you have a decent amount of other food items to work with.  Don’t forget about beautiful food presentation, that way if your dish doesn’t end up tasting like a Food Network chef’s might, at least it will be pleasant to look at!

2)  “Project Runway” Challenge – Depending on how challenging, serious, or crazy you want this to be, pick any place from a fabric store, a hardware store, dollar store, or just go to your local thrift store with a budget of $5-$10 each to pick out supplies.  Go home and make each other outfits!  If they turn out well (What constitutes as “turning out well” is up to you of course.), go out for ice cream and see if your designs are fooling anyone.  “Make it work!”

3)  Ice Cream Sculptures –  Buy 1 or 2 of those cheap boxes of ice cream (frozen extra hard) and carve it into a sculpture.  When you make art that doubles as a snack, it doesn’t even matter if you aren’t the next Michelangelo!  Of course if you are – don’t eat that sculpture.

4)  Participate in an art or design competition – You can always find art and design contests online, and teaming up on one of them can bring you together, and could possibly win you a prize as well!  You can easily find current contests by searching for “logo design contest”, “fashion design contest”, “tee shirt design contest” etc.

5)  Upcycle or refurbish an old item into something new – In fashion school we did this with old clothes, where we had to take something apart and turn it into a completely new design.  I often liked the recycled project better than the original!  You can of course do this in many areas aside from fashion design.  You can make furniture, art, or whatever you want

6)  Photoshop Challenge – Do things like this to pictures of yourselves… or your friends.


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