3 Amazing Date Ideas for Summer

So ladies, if a guy ever asks you out on a date (or if that guy is your Hubby), here are some fun ideas that I have ACTUALLY DONE that will keep you on your toes the whole day or night! Remember to play safe if you’re single and play hard if you’re married because the fun will escalate quickly!!!

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1) Scavenger hunt- For single OR married couples- I’m not talking about the “take a photo of this” or “eat there then do that” scavenger hunt, but the REAL THING. Make little love notes or rhyming poems and put them into little numbered envelopes. Hide the clues somewhere safe either around the house, around town or around a specific memorable place that you enjoy, and watch as your partner-in-crime reads each one and hurries to find the next! Be sure to place them in areas where other people won’t find or replace them. At the end of the scavenger hunt should be a prize of some sort. A small gift, a cute restaurant with some special meaning to the two of you, a picnic on a rooftop that has been arranged and prepared by the time you two arrive, or in my Hubby’s case, a proposal. 😉 You can make any scavenger hunt lead to anything you like, even if it’s a cute park at midnight or a hill with a view, anything that ensures fun, adventure and romance! Bring extra stuff with you to use along the way such as waters, a blanket for cuddling (if it’s a picnic that your hunt leads to), a camera (if you want) and an iPod with speakers so you two can enjoy romantic music! Remember to enjoy yourselves as well as each other and if you want, you can have all the clues WITH YOU and drop them along the way when your date looks away to find his clue. Good luck and have fun!!!

2) Memory game- This one is GREAT for married couples- *Single people, cover your eyes and ears here* This game is great because you get to make it and then play it with your spouse! First, take a stack of about 20 index cards. Cut them all in half and then decorate one side of the card in any cute design you want. You should have 40 cards now. (I drew matching but different colored hearts on each of them.) On the inside, write an “action.” This can be anything such as “Tell me what you love most about me”, “Kiss for 10 seconds” or “30 second massage,” etc. Anything you want to add, you can because this is YOUR game. If you are single, you can write things such as “romantic slow dance for 30 seconds” or “name my best attribute” or “dance like a chicken.” It can be funny or romantic, whichever you choose. You want to write each action TWICE. Once you can think of 20 things (x2 because you write each one twice/ on two different cards) and the cards are all filled out, shuffle them all and lay them out in a random order on the floor, your design facing up and your note facing down. You two take turns picking two at a time and if they match, you get to do the action! If you are married, this is a Fantastic way to build your love and affection for one another as the actions can be more romantic and intense, but if you are single, it can be a fun and quirky safe way to play a fun game on a date! Have fun ladies!!!!

3) Go to a dance class together- For single OR married couples- This one is SUPER fun. Whether or not the two of you can or cannot dance, this is a great idea because it brings you and your date (or your hubby) closer together through music and hip-shaking action!!! My hubby and I recently took a chacha ballroom beginner’s class. It was a little hard at first, but the instructor there would answer any questions we had as well as give us opportunities to practice the routine we learned with music. I loved this date a lot! I dressed up with a super cute flowy skirt and high heels while my hubby dressed up in his ballroom pants, but all the other guys there had on sweats or jeans so wear whatever. It is important for YOU, the LADY, to dress as beautiful and sexy as you can (but not too revealing because body parts WILL FLY if you have too many hanging out LOL here’s your warning) because once you get into the groove and learn the steps, you can OWN that dance floor and everyone on it with your moves! It’s nice to feel like you are the most beautiful woman on the dance floor, not only to impress your date, but to make yourself feel better. Trust me, you’ll know what I mean when you get out there. Good luck and have fun!!!!


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