Don’t Just Sit There….It’s National Design Week!


Behnaz Sarafpour fashion

Behnaz Sarafpour 2013 Fashion Honoree


 Get up! Get out! October 12 – 20 is National Design Week! It’s a nationwide celebration of all things DESIGN! Fashion design? Yes! Jewelry design? Yes! And so much more! Do you love textiles? Got it. Are you into creative writing? Yep, it’s out there too. What about innovative package design? If that’s you’re thing then you’re in luck. If you have an ounce of creative interest and a little sense then you’ll get out and take advantage of about a billion opportunities!


National Design Week began in 2000 as an official project of the White House  Millennium Council and “celebrates design as a vital humanistic tool in shaping the  world, and seeks to increase national awareness of the impact of design”.

Besides fashion and jewelry there are celebrations of  architectural design, landscape design, product development design, graphic design….and more.

James Wines - Lifetime Achievement - Arcitectural Design

James Wines – Lifetime Achievement – Arcitectural Design

What began as a week in Washington D.C. has grown into a massive collective across the country! There are events scattered in hundreds of cities, towns, and burgs. If you’re in Tempe, AZ you can visit the Plate.Silk.Stone exhibit at the ASU Art Museum. If you hail from Atlanta, GA you can join the Bangles to Benches: Contemporary Jewelry and Design Event. The point is, almost anywhere you are this coming week there is a celebration of design. Many larger cities have multiple venues to visit.


National Design Awards Trophy by Corning Glass Works is itself a work of design innovation

This fabulous week culminates in a New York City gala. Awards are given to honorees to honor lasting achievement in American design. As part of the awards event,  the public is invited to vote for the People’s Design Award. The nominees are a group of 20 works that “emphasize how innovative design makes a difference in our everyday lives”. The Sunset Skateboard and the Spare-one emergency phone are just two of the 20 nominees for People’s Design Award.

Sunset Skateboard

Sunset Skateboard
















Come on girls…grab a sista and get out to a design event! You can find a list of events across America here:






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