Expand Your Halloween Makeup Horizons

As you know, this month we are focusing on Halloween costume ideas and how to do them. Over the past couple weeks I’ve given you some tips and tricks to enhance your costume through make up. However getting all of your information from one source isn’t exactly helpful so this week I decided it might be fun to invite one of my fellow YouTube Beauty Gurus to share with us her Halloween costume How To! This Texas Belle knows her stuff and has inspired me to try new makeup looks in the past, I’m sure you will all love her!

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I also want to share an extra video with you all from a Beauty YouTuber that I just barely came across the other day! I think her video deserves a mention because she absolutely blew me away with her transformation into a Disney Princess! She really brought this animated character to life and made it look so easy. Take a look,

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Take Care Ladies and enjoy your spooky October!

PS: Eleventh Gorgeous is the Featured Photo. They can be found on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and probably other sites as well but this is where I follow them. Check them out, they’re fun!

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