10 Fabulous Fashion Trends of Fall

Autumn is here and the weather of the season isn’t the only thing that changes. New trends have hit the runway fashion shows from makeup to nails and clothing to hair. I’ve reviewed many sources and the NYC Fashion Runway to bring you the ten most common beauty trends that are in this Fall so you can perk up your style and fit in with your Pumpkin Spice cookie!


1. Bronze Hues This Autumn, it’s all about that bronze! Shades of brown and gold, dark green, and yellow are trending this Fall. Skin looks as if you’ve just returned from a long day out in the sun (but not sunburnt of course). Self-tanner, golden bronzer, ombre hair, and dust some shimmery gold highlighter over those cheeks! Time to hit the makeup counters to test out the season’s shades for your Autumn wardrobe. Dab a bit of gloss over your dark brown or burgundy lip stain for shiny, moist lips.

2. Stripes are always in according to my fashion book! Thick stripes, thin stripes, colored stripes, they all look FANTASTIC, especially during Fall. Don’t listen to anyone who tries telling you that the horizontal lines will make you look fat, because it’s simply not true. Horizontal lines are my favorite. The darker colored striped shirts look best when paired with brown shoes (whether heels or boots), solid leggings, and a chunky pair of sunglasses for the last of that Summer sun.

3. Leggings and Boots always look good in the fall. Leggings don’t have to be in the form of tights, skinny jeans and boot-cut jeans can pass also. You can never go wrong with brown boots and a cute long sweater or cardigan over a tank top.

fashion5 fashion3 fashion2 fashion1

4. Gold jewelry is in this fall! Grab a pair of gold dangly earrings to highlight your facial features and style that t-shirt with a long necklace. Gold heels go with anything brown, burgundy, beige, or mustard-yellow.

5. Messy Hair-Second Day Look School is back in and work is getting annoying or perhaps the weather changes give you gloom?! This look was popular on the NYC Runway and it is in favor of your tiring schedule. Tease hair to give it the bed head look and enough makeup to look done up but not trying too hard. Make sure you still shower and look neat, the boys are still watching!

6. Bright and Light Some of us love our brights year round and that’s okay too. Many makeup artists and designers are going with neon hues. Try out some fun coral or pink lips and green, yellow, or blue shadows and nails. Create geometric designs with polish on your fingernails, it’s in!


Random hot guy

Random hot guy

7. Buns in the Air The bun is popular in men and women this year! And it does not have to be at the top of your head!!!!! Add a sock if you have short hair, or throw all of your hair up into a loose bun with a few strands hanging down to create that messy but neat look. It’s a simple but pretty hairstyle that will show off your dazzling earrings.

8. Metallic-Eyeshadow Bring out your eyes and show off your color more with shimmer, metallic eyeshadow. Add a coat of soft cream color metallic or line the inner and outer part of your eyes with shimmer for a lovely highlight.

nail2 nail1

9. Autumn Nails Try a clear coat over your trimmed and filed natural nails or a nude color polish. It matches with everything, can’t go wrong with that! Wear the nude on your nails and the color on your lips.



10. Mustard Yellow Dark hair, tanned skin, smoky eyes, and a mustard yellow dress or blouse to perfectly accent darker features. Summer is over but your wardrobe can reflect what’s left of that Summer sun! Add a cute gold belt and some brown or black heels and you’ll remind your friends of a warm Summer sunset welcoming the Fall!


*Images obtained from Google

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