Female Necessity… Finding the Right Sports Bra

Let’s face it… we girls are all different in “Breast Land.”  All shapes and sizes. All comfort levels.  So how do we determine which sports bra is better than the next?  There are so many brands on the market these days.  Nike, Under Armor, Champion, just to name a slim few.  Which ones can do the job they are constructed to do?

Personally, I go for comfort and support.  I am a busty girl!  I need extra SUPPORT!  As a younger adult, I chose style over comfort and I suffered for it.  I would run and practically get black eyes.  You know what I mean?  It wasn’t until I was pregnant with my first child did I discover just how important good support truly meant.  I had back aches and headaches from my growing preggo body parts.  At a doctor’s appointment, I finally got brave enough to ask my male OB/GYN about how to help the boobs.  He asked if I owned a good sports bra. Hmm… yes, but at this point I couldn’t for one breast in it much less two.  He referred me to a sports store and suggested I try a good sports bra for added support (since the pregnancy bras were not helping at all).  My first one I purchased was  Nike full support, in black.  At that time there were only two colors to chose from, white or black. I could not wait to try it on.  Immediately there was relief!  No kidding… IMMEDIATELY!  I felt like a new mom to be!  All it took was a sports bra!


Today, as women we have so many choices to fit our bodies demands.  Running is stressful enough on the body, having extra support allows for more freedom from pain.  Wearing the right sports bra is critical to your comfort, especially during long runs and even light jogs. I researched  a few websites and found some awesome information on how to shop for sports bras.  Follow these simple steps to make sure you get the perfect one for you:

1.  It is so important that you try on sports bras for fit and comfort, so try to do your shopping in person. Go to a running specialty store because they’ll have high-impact sports bras that are designed especially for runners.

2.  For chafing prevention and comfort, look for moisture-wicking fabrics such as Coolmax and Drifit. Stay away from sports bras that are made of 100% cotton because once you start sweating, they’ll stay wet.

3. If you have a large chest and need a lot of support, look for sports bras with wide shoulder straps and racer back straps.

4. Examine the seams of the sports bras. You’ll want seamless fabrics, seams with rolled edges, or covered seams to help prevent chafing.

5. If you like bras with under wire, check that the under wire is completely covered so it will not gouge.

6. Make sure you try on several different size sports bras. The right size for you may not actually be the cup size that you normally wear. The bra is too big if the material wrinkles or bunches. It should fit snugly but not constrict your breathing. And if the bra is cutting into your skin, then it’s too small. If you can slide two fingers under the straps, then it’s a good fit.

7. When you try on sports bras, jog in place or do jumping jacks to test their support before you buy. While you’re bouncing up and down, the bra should minimize breast movement.

8. If you want to shop online, always look into the site’s exchange and return policy. Titlenine.com has a good selection of bras and an excellent return policy, so you can return sports bras if they don’t fit well.

9. After you find the perfect sports bra, don’t hold onto it forever! You should replace bras after about 72 washes, when the elasticity is lost, or if your weight changes significantly. You can air dry sports bras to prolong the life of the moisture-wicking fabrics.

May the sports bra you shop for be the one to give you the comfort you need!


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