The CURE for Tangles, Frizz and Unmanageable Curls (for Ethnic and Biracial Hair)

Let’s start with a little humor:

My Twin sister, Karri

My Story:

After many many MANY long hard years of PRODUCT AFTER PRODUCT, and tangles the size of full-grown RATS coming out of my hair, and after many tears, frustrations and arguments with hair stylists for matting my hair with their shampoo, I can finally take a breather!


A little bit about myself, I’m biracial. Half African American, half Caucasian. I’ve heard from soooo many mixed ethnicities as well as African American friends and family members of different products to try, what works for them and what they hate. It’s always been hard for me because I can’t use only Caucasian hair products, and I can’t use only ethnic hair products. Neither produces good results, and they either end up drying out my hair, damaging it, or leads to an over-production of oil on my scalp. But one thing I do have in common with black and white people, and bi-racials, are CURLS. My curls are tight and spirally, a mix between Botticelli and Corkscrew curls. (For those of you who don’t know, there are 4 different types of curls).



Mine are a mix between Boticelli and Corkscrew curls

I’ve tried just about every type of shampoo and conditioner, ranging from Tresemme, Biolage, Mixed Chicks, Biotera, Hairtrition, Aussie, Pantene Pro-V, Herbal Essences, Suave, Dove, Loreal, Head and Shoulders, Ion, many salon brands that I can’t remember the name of, etc. etc. ETC.!!! The problem that frustrated me THE MOST, and I’m sure many of you can relate to it, was the TANGLING that came just after shampooing. Plus the breakage and the dryness and frizz! I tried to hold my hair back and not massage the shampoo into my scalp like they did at salons (which totally matted it), but it still got REALLY tangly! I tried leaving the conditioner in for 4-5 minutes, then combing it with a wide tooth comb, but after I got out of the shower, my hair would tangle right back up.

I always dreaded the moments after I came home from a dance after having whipped my hair back and forth, and those times after getting out of the pool, knowing it was not long before I had to take an hour long shower and attempt to detangle it. I would straighten my hair with a flat iron in hopes of having 5-7 days without tangles, but we all know how that works out… damage tenfold! Not to mention all the people in Utah who gather around and ask to touch or feel my hair, as if I’m some sort of “walking petting zoo!” LOL.

dont ask

So I recently did a hair show with Rusk brand products. The stylists were really nice and I was having a great time – but if you look up Rusk Products on a Google search, there’s something any ethnic or biracial person would instantly notice….

Rusk Hair Products (Google Search)

…that ALL the models are Caucasian!!!! No disrespect or racism whatsoever, but Rusk is NOT made for ethnic, let alone CURLY HAIR!!! So when they shampoo’d my hair, the worse thing ever happened. It all tangled. Extreme tangling, as in, my entire head of hair turned into one giant wet DREADLOCK!!!! I was sooo humiliated, and cried my little heart out as 5 different people tried detangling it and combing it with no luck.

hair show

This was the day after the show, the hair stylists decided to straighten it to keep the tangles out.

Feeling like there was no hope left, I went to leave the hair show (with my slimy wet ratted hair), and something caught my eye on my way out. It was a different booth of hair products, called Deva Curl. I thought to myself, nah, it’s no use. That work. But then I remembered seeing their Youtube video about curly and frizzy hair, and so I decided to go over and ask them if they had anything I could use to take the tangles out. Sure enough, they did!! 😀 They gave me a free sampler kit of No Poo shampoo, One Condition conditioner, spray in detangler and curl defining gel. I went home happily and used the shampoo and conditioner, and just like that, EVERY tangle and knot came out, with very little breakage, no tears, and NO arm pain (those of you with curly tangle hair can relate to having a sore arm after combing hair)! It worked!!


Deva Curl products are wonderful!!! I promise that I do NOT work for them, and have not been sponsored or paid to say this. I am just trying to let everyone know that after sooooo many years of frustration and tears while detangling my hair, I finally found a product that WORKS to detangle my hair, without the pain, without the mass chunks of breakage, and without the expensive cost.  So I highly recommend these products:

1) Deva Curl No-Poo shampoo

2) Deva Curl One Condition conditioner

3) Deva Curl Set it Free Moisture Lock (leave in spray conditioner)

4) Deva Curl curl defining AnGel

5) Deva Curl detangler spray

curl line

These are the ones that I use, and they all work WONDERS on my hair. I have not tried it that long, so I honestly cannot say whether I have more or less breakage, but I will do another review in a few months. Here’s how I use them:

1) I wet my hair in the shower and put the No Poo shampoo in. It does not lather, so you gotta get used to it feeling like conditioner. I leave it in and lather in BACKWARDS, as in the direction of my hair growth, and DO NOT massage it in circles like they do at salons. Then I rinse it out.

2) I put a glop of the conditioner in, rub it in lightly, and let it sit in a bun for about 5 minutes, while I shave or whatever. Then I take my wide tooth comb and comb the ends first, then from the top to the bottom, gently, until all the tangles are out. Then I rinse about half of it off, and then spray in the detangler, and run my fingers through it. Then I leave whatever’s left in my hair.

3) When I get out of the shower, I lightly towel tap, but don’t towel dry. I wrap my hair in a bun and wrap the towel around it and squeeze the excess water out, and then spray in the leave in moisturizing conditioner. Then I part it at the top, and let it air dry! That’s it! Sometimes I use the curl defining gel, like the second or third day or wearing the curls, but I wet it first with a squirt bottle, and then do the leave in conditioner spray again, then the curl defining hair gel called AnGel. Then let it air dry. Deve Curl has a diffuser that doesn’t ruin curls, but I haven’t bought it or tried it yet. I’m fine with air drying.


With curly hair, you NEVER want to blow dry it, unless you have the blow dryer on SUPER LOW, cold air, and a diffuser. I don’t use a blow dryer at all unless I’m about to flat iron my hair. And if you ever flat iron your hair, be absolutely sure to put in a heat or thermal protectant spray or serum FIRST. That will help reduce breakage and heat damage.

I know that I will not switch to any other product after experiencing these. And the nice thing is that Deva Curl is for ALL curl types, not just ethnic or biracial hair! It’s good on Caucasian hair too!  Here is a helpful video about Deva Curl, how to use it, and what it does.

Discounted Deva Curl Products on Amazon

I highly encourage all of you with curly hair who have struggled for years with tangles, matting, frizz and breakage, to try this. Even if you just but the sampler kit, you will definitely notice a difference. Please share your stories, questions and comments below when you’ve tried it!  Amazon seems to sell the products cheaper than most places, so I recommend getting it there.

DevaCurl DUO – Shampoo and Conditioner – One Condition 32oz + No-Poo 32oz BUY ON AMAZON

 Thanks for following!

-Corri Anna


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