Finish Your Face: Brow Beauty


Are you ready for a facelift? I’m excited to tell you about the beauty crime we all commit at one point or another and share some great pointers that all have to do with your eyebrows. Some of us have caterpillars, it’s been That long, but you’ll be able to change up your look and feel the difference.

So many women don’t know or fail to recognize how important brow grooming is to the face. Your face is your image of personality to the world. What do we first notice when we are approached by someone?.. Eyes? Smile? Believe it, we’d notice bad brows before any of that.

I’m gonna start with the #1 most basic brow rule: See a professional. When in doubt, tired, crunched on time,.. See a professional. It’s $7-12 dollars you can certainly sacrifice for beauty. Start with a professional at a salon because they know what they’re doing, they can help you shape and groom your brows whether it’s the first time they’ve been touched or helping you save your look while letting parts grow out for the most beautiful brow, and finally perspective. They see you as everyone else sees you. We’ve all messed up our brows or had a bad haircut and although we recognize it we do the cheerful thing and choose to be optimistic, “oh it’s not so bad”, and focus on another feature. Years later we see a photo and are horrified. I looked like that? Yes honey, you did but we can fix it all. First timers go to a professional and if you haven’t been to a licensed beautician in awhile or need your brows revamped it’s time to make the appointment. The rest of the time, if you so choose to do maintenance on your own, I recommend going to the professional every couple of times at least to make sure you’re maintaining the right look.

Before you run to the tweezers in panic about the brows you let go, finish reading. Because that’s rule No. 2 Don’t over pluck! When you’re at a distance from the mirror it’s not as easy to tell some of those stubborn, wild hairs and when you’re up close to the mirror you don’t see the whole picture. When you take too much off, you’ve changed your look of your entire face. Too thin and short brows may be able to be penciled but brows are a difficult thing to fake.

Rule No. 3 try trimming. Whether you’ve had them waxed or threaded, the lovely beautician pulls out her scissors and comb to finish off your brows. That’s because rather than fully removing hair and leaving a gap, sometimes hair just needs to be trimmed down. When you are maintains your shape by plucking the hairs growing in around your brows remember to trim your brows as well.

Rule 4: color match. Find the right brow color and product for your daily cosmetic routine. This can also be matched with a professional. When you dye your hair, remember that your brows shouldn’t clash and may need to change too. Brow powders fill in or darken brows evenly, looking more natural than pencils and coloring in your brows can bring out or correct the shape if done correctly. You don’t want to go out with invisible brows but pay attention not to over darken as well.



Brow Maintenance: quick tips to maintain the right shape & length

•Hold a ruler (or eyebrow sticker, $4 on Amazon) vertically on the outside of your nose. The inside of your brow should line up with the outermost part of your nose.
•Move the ruler toward your hairline, and find the point where the ruler is on its edge. (Slanted to line up with the v shape of your upper lip)
•Tweeze any hairs that fall outside of this zone.
•If maintaining your brows to keep the salon’s shape, tweeze hairs growing in little by little. Don’t wait until your brows are fully grown back to try to figure out where to clean up.


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