Supermodel Slim – 4 Proven Ways to Get Fit Fast


People always ask me “How do you stay so thin??? Do you do Yoga? Calisthenics? Pilates? Marathons???”

As a matter of fact- I do NONE of the above! I actually have a variety of techniques that I use depending on how photographers want me to look for a photo-shoot. Read on to find out how I do it!


Because it’s usually a little too cold to go running on an outdoor track in Utah unless you’re doing it for a fitness photo-shoot (wink wink!), I go to the gym. The type of work out that I have been doing this month is cranking the treadmill up to 7.0-10.0 incline and walking at a speed of 3.0-3.5 MPH for 45 minutes to an hour. Without music, a good book, or an attached television screen though to distract me- this workout would be nearly impossible to enjoy! If your treadmill does not have an attached television, bring a chapter book and some headphones with you to distract you from the time and you’ll be finished before you even realize it! If you do not have access to a gym or treadmill though, try this same technique at a local mountain trail! Walking uphill has many benefits and burns many calories!

“According to a study in the “Journal of Sports Sciences” published in 1996, treadmill running on a 1 percent grade most accurately reflects the energy expenditure experienced from an outdoor run. This means that running outdoors at about 6 mph, or indoors on a treadmill at 6 mph at an incline of 1 percent, will burn about 295 calories in 30 minutes for a 130-pound, person according to the activity calculator at the website (”

2. MOVE AROUND. A LOT. Even if you’re sitting at an office desk all day, there’s things you can do to keep burning calories all day. I personally recommend and use a desk bike (mini bicycle pedals that fit under your desk where you can ride in place throughout the day) and swap that for sitting on an ergonomic chair or large fitness ball (I prefer the sand-filled ones, they stay in place better). And on my break I like to do a few crunches to keep the inches off my waist and stretches to relieve back pain from sitting all day.
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Yes, the sauna burns an OUTRAGEOUS amount of calories simply by raising your body’s temperature and speeding up your heart rate. When you sweat, you burn calories. The steam room does not work the same as a dry heat sauna because most of what you believe is sweat, is actually the steam from the room sticking to your skin. A short sit in a sauna can burn anywhere from 100-150 calories in just TEN MINUTES!!! Not only does a sauna help to rid your body of excess toxins in the surface of your skin, it helps to quickly slim you down for that special event, helps you to sleep better, relieves stress, and improves your health ( Remember to stay hydrated though! And when you can’t access a sauna, you can access a sauna suit or belt; same benefits, only without leaving your home! Amazon sells them here –> Velform Sauna Belt


“According to the Mayo Clinic’s health education website, your body composition, sex, and age are determining factors on how many calories you burn during any given day, even when you are resting; this is known as your basal metabolic rate (BMR). A person weighing around 160 lbs. will burn burn about 300 calories during a 30-minute session in the sauna. That number changes based on your individual BMR, in addition to the temperature settings in the sauna and the amount of time you spend in the heat. (”


Avoid the sweet sugary cereals, pancakes, greasy bacon, and french toast. Instead, try Oatmeal with a scoop of protein powder instead of sugar and milk! You wont believe how addictive, yummy, and satisfying this meal is! For a half a cup of oatmeal, add a cup of water and microwave for a minute. Then add a scoop of whey protein powder (vanilla or banana flavor), stir, and eat! You can also change it up by adding fruit such as berries, apples, or Craisins, or you can add a pinch of cinnamon for extra benefits and flavor (! This meal can definitely help you reach your weight loss goals! One breakfast is only about 200-300 calories, depending on the fruit and protein powder you use, and will keep you on your feet for hours!

“The body’s slow digestion of protein not only keeps the body full, but also helps with weight loss. As explained by the Whey Protein King website, the body “will burn more calories after taking a protein-based meal.” To achieve one pound of weight loss, the body must burn at least 3,500 calories more than you consume. Since adding protein to the diet increases the body’s calorie-burning abilities, it increases your chances of losing weight. Whey protein powder also triggers the release of appetite-suppressing hormones which can reduce your urge to snack between meals (”
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