Okay, I know I promised I was finished posting all of my Cyber Monday deals, but there’s one more that I really want to share, and it’s not just for Cyber Monday, it’s year-round! Here’s how to get $60 worth of (recycled) designer and brand-name clothing, FREE!

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There’s this website called “Schoola“. It’s an incredible charity where you can send your gently used women’s, juniors, babies, and kids clothing, and others can buy them. Here’s some awesome perks about recycling clothing:

-If you’re thinking about getting rid of your clothing, they can send you a bag, you put your clothing in it, and it ships free to their distribution center. You pay nothing for shipping!

– Your clothing is recycled and reused by someone else who will treat it with care

-You can also purchase lightly worn clothing (mostly designer and brand name clothing) from their site at 70% off the original price.

-40% of Schoola profit gets sent to a school in need around the United States. It pays for arts, music, school supplies, physical education, etc.

The best part, is that by signing up HERE, you get a free $20 credit to use in the store, on anything you like! And when you “create a collection”, on their site, you get an additional $10 store credit on top of that. And THIS JUST IN!!!! TONIGHT THRU TOMORROW NIGHT AT MIDNIGHT, USE CODE “DELIGHTED” TO GET 50% OFF YOUR ORDER!!!! Therefore if you purchase $60 worth of items (on sale of course), your clothing ends up being FREE!!!!!! And for the next few weeks, shipping is absolutely FREE too! Who doesn’t like free clothes??

I tested out their site for relevance and I am pleased to announce it is not a scam. In fact, on Cyber Monday, they had a 50% off deal, where I was able to get a Banana Republic skirt, blazer, and sweater, a $258 value, for only $1.67. Isn’t that INCREDIBLE??

Here’s my receipt for referral purposes. I was able to receive a greater discount due to it being Cyber Monday, but in lighter print is the value of each item. If you order TODAY or TOMORROW, you can get $60 worth of clothing, FREE. You only pay tax, if there is any. My sister just did the deal and her total ended up being $0.00.

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 10.29.35 PMSo hop on over to Schoola, and enjoy your free clothing! Use my referral link and you will get a free $20 store credit to use on anything from clothing, shoes, hats, accessories, etc. I hope you find something great!


So here’s a recap:

1) Go to (USING THIS EXACT LINK) and retrieve your $20 in store credit.

2) “Create a collection” by entering your size, favorite colors, etc. and get an extra $10 in-store credit.

3) Use code DELIGHTED to get 50% off your purchase at checkout.

4) If you have $60 worth of items at checkout, and apply the discount code, your entire purchase should come out FREE. Plus or minus a few bucks for taxes.

You’re welcome.

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