15 Fun and Free Date Ideas

Hi there! Special guest blogger Taylor Morrell here! My husband and I enjoy spending time with each other. But, with me on a low teaching salary and he being a full time student, we don’t have a lot of extra money for dates. But, we do feel that dates are still very important, especially because we tend to get in a “watch a movie/Netflix as we do homework/grade” rut.

So, we’ve worked together to give you this awesome list of FREE DATE IDEAS!

#1 Playing in the Park
I’m still a little kid at heart. I love swinging and I love playing on playgrounds. Go to your local park and play–unleash the child within with your significant other. Swing as you talk. Challenge each other to the monkey bars (no cheating! keep your feet off the ground).

#2 Puzzle Night
Grab out one of your puzzles–the more pieces, the better. Make popcorn, turn on Pandora or the radio, and enjoy trying to piece together that jigsaw puzzle.

#3 Scenic Drives
See what scenic drives are near you. This time of year is perfect for a Sunday/evening drive. Roll down the windows and smell the fresh breeze together. Find a place to park and go exploring. Take your camera with you and document your spur of the moment adventure. We did this one Sunday through the canyon near our town, and were able to catch the summer sunset. It was absolutely gorgeous.


#4 Random Walk
My husband and I love to take walks on Sunday evenings. We live in a college town, so it’s always fun to see the old houses around our neighborhoods. We try to go a different way every time. It was suggested to us to write down a list of random directions before even leaving, such as “3 blocks straight, then turn left, make a U-turn after 2 block and take another left,” etc. Keep track of your progress by drawing an arrow every 4 sidewalk squares with chalk. It’ll be fun to see your path afterward.

#5 Prank Night
If your significant other is a jokester (or you are), take advantage of it. Go do a (harmless) practical joke on some mutual friends (another couple you like hanging with, some other married friends, etc). It’ll keep your creative juices flowing and your adrenaline pumping.

#6 Candle Night
Grab some blankets from around the house, as well as all the candles you own. Lay the blankets down in the living room, light the candles, turn on the romantic music, and turn off the lights. Just lay there, staring into each other’s eyes all mushy-gushy, maybe even give each other massages. My husband suggested this one and it surprised me because he isn’t the romantic type. But, I absolutely loved it! It was very relaxing…and it also happened to be raining that night, so we opened our windows and were able to hear the rain as we enjoyed the candlelight.

#7 Visit a Museum
Plenty of museums are free. Go visit one, regardless of if it is a history museum, science museum, art museum, or even a dinosaur museum. Take pictures to remember. Act a little silly and immature–it makes it a whole lot more fun!


#8 Mall Walking
This is my husband’s favorite! I thought it was weird at the beginning because I only ever go to the mall if I am going to buy something…so it was hard for me to begin with. We had to leave my wallet in the car, otherwise I’d be too tempted to buy something! But, after a few times, it became easier not to be tempted to shop. It was fun walking around, seeing all the different shops. Try on a few silly things. Imagine if you bought a ridiculous item. Plan your next purchases. See if you run into any other friends.

#9 Play videotapes or Board Games together
Justin and I both love video games–we play them a lot. But, we love finding games that have a 2-player or co-op option. We also love playing thinking board games together: Rummikub, Sequence, Wacky 6, and Yahtzee are some of our favorites. These option aren’t only fun for just you and your significant other, but are also fun for double and triple dates! We’ve had some crazy Mario Party nights with friends or playing Quelf or Apples to Apples with other couples.

#10 Ratatouille Date
This one is actually Justin’s idea from dates he went on before he met me. One of you is blind-folded, and the other is behind you and guiding your food to do the cooking–just like the movie Ratatouille. Justin says it was very fun and there were a lot of laughs. It’s always an adventure on both ends and interesting to see what you come up with.

#11 Do Service
A wonderful way to be a good person and do some good deeds is to serve and give some charity together. Find a local soup kitchen, food/toy/clothing drive, or even if it is just raking leaves for the elderly neighbor. Not only will you two be making others happy, but you will be improving yourselves. Service always leaves a wonderful feeling.

#12 Cook a Meal Together
We both love to cook. So, we are typically in the kitchen together. Sometimes we split up the jobs, such as me making the main course and Justin making the dessert, but sometimes we work together to create some of our best meals. It is definitely a collaborative effort, especially as there are some dishes that require more than two hands.

006#13 Go Do a Spur-of-the-Moment Photoshoot
If your boy is artsy (and/or a photographer), take advantage that he appreciates photoshoots and go do one. It’ll be fun to take pictures of yourselves at your favorite places around town. Make sure to bring a tripod as well so you can have some shots with both of you in it!

#14 Make Music Together
If you both are musically inclined, make music together. It’s a great way to practice your skills and bond over duets. It’s especially fun if you play different instruments.

#15 Youtube Videos
This was the first couple of “dates” Justin and I had. It it still one of our favorite things to do. We watch hilarious videos and end up laughing till our sides are sore.



Taylor Morrell

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