An Easy Way to Kids Entertained During Thanksgiving Dinner

You may want to set a fancy table for your Thanksgiving feast. You may want a low-key setting for your feast. You may want something in between for your feast. Something that will help regardless of your feasting visions is keeping the kiddos entertained and not making messes.

There is something so fun about having an actual seating arrangement complete with name cards. It makes you feel special, thought about. I made this one up for a kid (though I used my husband’s name, since I like writing his name in cursive). It’s really easy to make, and rather cute, I think. It only took me a few minutes to get the whole thing together. And if you follow my “Do This Instead of What I Did Tips,” then you’ll be able to put it together even faster than I did. The kids can help make this, or you can do it in advance, whichever you’d prefer.


Paper cups, construction paper, glue, glitter glue, brown paper grocery bags


What I Did:

I took a cup and cut out the bottom for an opening. I wrapped black construction paper around the cup and glued that into place. It looked like I was making a conical princess hat at first, then I cut off the top and bottom about an inch from the cup. I then tucked the extra paper into the cup to keep it all together. I cut a strip of yellow paper, and added a glittery buckle. I added a black circle to the bottom for the brim, and added the coloring pencils in bouquet style. For the place mat, I cut up a brown paper bag, and made a little name card out of glitter glue on construction paper.

What You Should Do Instead:

Finding a black cup, or painting the cups black ahead of time, would probably be easier than wrestling with construction paper. I took some time figuring out what I was doing before I found my effective method of making it a princess hat shape and going from there. You can probably see in the picture the places where I missed, but was too lazy to fix. Thankfully, kids don’t notice those.


Why This Is Brilliant:

Instead of coloring on the tablecloth, kids can just color on the place mat, including the ever-adorable hand tracing turned turkey artwork. I also added a heading that said “Grateful For” so that kids can draw pictures of some of the things that make them grateful. Thanksgiving isn’t just about the food. Kids can be very insightful about what to be grateful for, things that adults would look right past without a second thought.

And there you go. A fun place setting for the kids. This could also work for a general kids’ table rather than just a few place settings, if you’d like. Make it yours.

Happy Thanksgiving, folks!


Here’s a couple┬ámore fun ways to keep the kiddos entertained:

turkey cup

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