“Manly” Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Hey Ladies!

Guest Blogger Samantha here with a Halloween Costume How To!!!

Drop last years girly Costume on the ground and be ‘One of the Guys’ for Halloween!

How to:
1: Pull your hair away from your face
2: Remove makeup
3: Fill in Eyebrows, try to minimize arc and make them thick
(don’t worry about making it dark just yet, it’s easier to fix light colored mistakes than erase dark stains)
4: Design desired Facial Hair. I’m doing a Goatee and so I’m starting with the triangle shape under my lip to make sure everything stays centered.
5: Outline a mustache and then fill in
6: Now the Sideburns, make them come down to at least the midpoint in front of your ear
7: For evening parties add a 5 o’clock shadow. I used pressed face powder by Covergirl that is a shade darker than my bronzer
8: Check to see that look is starting to come together and touch up any areas that need fixing, besides color
9: Now it’s time to fix the color. I’m darkening all hair areas and setting the color at the same time with dark brown eye shadow applied with an angle brush
10: Now go change into something a guy would wear (you may need a guy friend to borrow clothes from)
11: Release your hair
12: Now twist it up flat and fit it under a hat (I’m going with a slouch beanie, you can also go with a sports cap or another hat that fits the guy look you’re going for)
13: Tuck in any runaway strands
14: Double Check that your look is complete

And now you’re ready to go party! Happy Halloween Month!

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