Hosting Brunch with Little to No Time

Hi everyone!  This is Natalie from here with some brunch tips!  Brunch is my favorite meal because if you are having it, it probably means A) You got to sleep in! B) It’s probably the weekend, and C) You get to be with friends!  So, how can you keep that theme of relaxing traits going if you are the one hosting brunch? Here are some tips to help you avoid getting up early, too much time spent planning, and time taken away from your guests.


Brunch Spread

Tip #1- Don’t over-plan!  Serving 2 or 3 items, plus a simple drink is plenty.

Tip #2- Pick recipes that need minimal dishes in preparing, this will eliminate too much time cleaning.  Parfaits are great for this, because the only dishes used are the ones used for serving.

Tip #3- Don’t be ashamed to serve purchased baked goods.  I served almond croissants from Mimi’s Cafe.  It’s not the cheapest option, but it definitely saves a lot of time!

Tip #4- A quick way to make a simple drink (I chose apple juice) a little fancier is to use frozen berries in the place of ice.  It keeps drinks cold while mixing up the flavor as well as adding a little color.

Tip #5- You can easily cut corners while still home-making your foods.  You can find canisters of melting chocolate ready to melt in the microwave that make chocolate covered strawberries a snap, and eliminates dishes to clean later.

Tip #6- For an easy centerpiece, save yourself a trip to the florist and pick up some flowers at the grocery store while you are there.

Gold-leafed Parfait Cups


To make a dessert stand like the one above, check out my DIY instructions HERE, and stay tuned for the instructions for gold-leafing your dishes here on next week!

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