Tips on Saving Money on Groceries at Walmart

Hello Ladies (and any gentlemen who may be reading this)! I’ve learned the secrets to shopping success while living less than 2 minutes away from a Super Walmart and I’m feeling generous enough to share it with the WORLD! First of all, NO I do not work at Walmart. But I know that their prices aren’t ALWAYS the cheapest or lowest, so I figured out how to “work the system” and get great low prices there anyways!!

Soooooo here’s what I do and in order of how I do it:

Weekly grocery ads I got in the mail

Weekly grocery ads I got in the mail

1) I collect all of the weekly ads that I can find in the mail and in specific grocery stores I go to (here in Utah, we have Smith’s, Peterson’s, Macey’s, Buy Low, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Harmons and Rancho market mainly). Some of the ones that do not come in the mail I either have to go to the store itself and collect an ad, or else print out the entire weekly ad online.

Coupons I printed out from

Coupons I printed out from

2) Collect your coupon booklets that come in the mail or Sunday newspaper, clip all the coupons out and organize them into a coupon book (we get Redplum, SuperSaver I believe is one, and P&G brandSAVER). If you don’t get any of those, you can also find GREAT coupons on these websites that I trust:

(This site will make you download a coupon printing program, no worries though – its safe. This is my FAVORITE online coupon site.)

(I believe this one LINKS to, and it shows you how to save using the coupons you get IN THE MAIL)

(This site shows you which stores you can use your coupons at for the BEST DEALS if you don’t price-match)

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*Today I will just be showing you how to use the PRINT-OUT coupons and your nearest grocery store WEEKLY ADS.

3) Print out and cut out all of the coupons you have and paper-clip them together.

My list

My list

4) I take out a notebook (or a piece of blank paper) and spread out all of my weekly ads and write down all of the stuff that’s on sale by each store (this is the most time-consuming part) in a big list. I go through each ad and find what I need that’s the CHEAPEST, and from each store, and write it down. I cross off the ones that I found cheaper at another store. I highlight the things that I have an extra coupon for (I found a coupon online for Colgate toothpaste, General Mills cereal and Yoplait yogurt so I highlight them to remember to give them to the cashier once I check out).

My big list. As you can see, I crossed off the ones that I found a better deal on elsewhere. So far I think Rancho Market is the cheapest!

My list. As you can see, I crossed off the ones that I found a better deal on elsewhere, and highlighted the ones I also had coupons for. So far I think Rancho Market is the cheapest!

5) Take all of the coupons, weekly ads and your list in one big stack to Walmart (preferably a Super-Walmart because they carry more grocery items). Once you have everything you need, go to the register and lay the stack of coupons on the counter and say “I am doing a price match today. I have a list of all the things that are on sale at other stores, and if you need proof, I have their weekly ads also. Plus I have  coupons.” Then read off each item from your list as the cashier checks your groceries out, by saying the price of each item at another store. Walmart does price-matching so they are REQUIRED to give you that item for the EXACT same price as any of their competitors. Then use your coupons too and SAVE!!!!!!

This is what I take in a big pile to Walmart. I just read off the list I made and find what was the cheapest.

This is what I take in a big pile to Walmart. As I go down each aisle, I just read off the list I made and find what was the cheapest.

*The people behind you in line may be a little impatient but in the end when you add up all the money you saved, it makes a HUGE difference.

P.S. Some items you want or need may not be cheaper at another store, but you MAY have a coupon for them. Bring the coupon anyways and grab the deal while the coupon lasts. On Tuesdays Walmart has a DOUBLE COUPON day so you can use all of your coupons TWICE in one checkout. I haven’t tried that before, but I sure will stock up on some grocery and personal items next Tuesday with that deal!


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Happy Savings!

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