Is Sushi Good For You?

Sushi is my absolute favorite food! But when I heard that I couldn’t eat it while pregnant, I became a little concerned. There are so many studies on whether this raw fish delight is really that good for you, but surprisingly, most studies found online are saying that sushi is awful for you.

In my opinion, moderation is key. Yes, doctors have proved that eating farmed fish more than twice a year can drastically affect your health, but so can a frozen highly processed Digorno pizza. Also, take credibility from scientific studies from universities and technical publications. Go directly to the source of the study if you have any doubts.

There are some things to watch out for. Here’s the list:

1. Make sure you eat sushi at a restaurant ONLY! Japanese chiefs are trained at an early age to handle raw fish correctly. Sushi restaurants that are questionable can have tuna with worms and packed with harmful chemicals.  Go only to restaurants with high reviews and restaurants you trust.

2. Fish contains mercury which can cause heart disease, problems with brain and nervous system development and decreased cognitive performance.  This is why if you are pregnant, DO NOT take the risk of eating tuna.  Doctors say limit these to 2 tuna steaks a week.  My suggestion would be not go near tuna as it can effect the development of the nervous system of your baby.

The FSA advises pregnant women not to eat tuna, shark, swordfish or marlin – and to eat only two tuna steaks a week – because of the high levels of mercury found in these fish.

3. Stay away from tuna, shark, swordfish, or marlin.  Studies show that Eel, crab, salmon, and kelp contain lower levels of mercury (Doctors say that the mercury can out-weigh the benefits of the omega-3).

4. Please ask for the lower sodium soy sauce bottle.  It is the lesser evil of the 2.  Sodium causes high blood pressure, and may increase the risk of heart disease.  Avoid the soy sauce if possible.

5. If you eat sushi, try to eat as clean as you can without fancy sauces.  The sauces often are fatty, high in calories and sodium.

6. Anything deep fried will also be hard on you.  Tempura deep fried anything will increase cholesterol levels.

7. So if that doesn’t rule out your menu, try some nigiri sushi (raw fish on rice) or some sashimi (raw fish).


8. Last suggestion is to make sure to eat sushi in moderation (its probably  not a good idea to eat it everyday).

These suggestions will keep you on the right track to staying healthy while eating this amazing food!  Its up to you to decide whether sushi is harmful or beneficial to your health. My conclusion, sushi is healthier than a cheeseburger and fries or a pizza depending on what kind of sushi you order, how fresh it is, and the restaurant. Please comment below!

Lets talk about some pros and cons of sushi for all you fish lovers!


Sushi tastes great!

Sushi has omega-3 fatty acids

Lowers cholesterol

Reduce the risk of some cancers

Reduce risk of heart disease

May reduce high blood pressure



High in salt and fat

High levels of mercury

Could decrease fertility in men and woman

Could increase blood pressure

Could increase your risk for cancer, depending on the fish, what chemicals it was packed with, where it was farmed

Can’t eat it while pregnant


Read a HEATED discussion about whether sushi is good for you

Here is my works cited and more reading if you so desire:

Thank you for tuning in, please comment below!

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