Kindness Keeps on Giving

There is a video going around on Facebook that many of you have probably seen. It’s only three minutes long, but it’s very powerful. If you haven’t seen it, go ahead and take the time right now.

What’s so powerful about this is the simple message of kindness in its purest form. This is kindness given for the sake of giving comfort, hope, relief, and succor. This is not a good deed intended to impress anyone or buff up your resume. The kind act given because you wish to see another happy will bless you in so many ways.

Several months ago I posted about the Secret to Being Happy (found here: http:// It has many of these same ideas in it. If you find your mood, attitude, or life in a rut that isn’t what you were wanting, then try some of the ideas in that post to help you out.

In our generation, we are smothered with the idea that we are special, that we are different, and that we deserve the best there is. While this is all very well and good to hear from our mothers, we cannot be special if we just sit around thinking about our special-ness. If we believe that our mothers were correct, and that we are great, maybe we should try thinking about other people’s mothers. What if they were right, too? Shouldn’t we treat people with kindness and respect?

A very wise man once gave a very profound teaching:

He that would be great, let him be good, studying the interests of the whole, becoming the servant of all.

-Lorenzo Snow

If you want to be great, start by being good, by doing good. It will improve the lives of many, including you and your family. I think that the simple truth of kindness and helping others is one that is lost in today’s hubbub and busy-ness. I think that this loss is part of what makes so many people unsatisfied with their lives. Let’s all try to be kinder, more giving, more grateful, and more willing to give. We’ll all be happier.


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