12 Awesome Legging Prints You Never Knew Existed

I’m on a mission to find the HOTTEST styles, most FASHIONABLE trends, and most AWESOME clothing designs! During these past couple of weeks, I became obsessed with leggings after I came across an awesome pair that was soooooo comfortable I didn’t want to take them off! I was looking online at different websites where leggings are sold, and wondering where to find the most rad designs, when I stumbled upon a website called Zaful!! They had TONS of leggings, with styles I never knew existed, and I love it! While they have over 200 different styles, I wanted to share my favorite legging designs with everyone. Seems like they have a pair of leggings with designs of every kind, so you can walk into your school or workplace confidently, with a smile on your face and a design on your legs because I bet you, NO ONE will have the same pair as you. And the prices are stellar. Most pairs were between $8 and $12 per pair. Nothing was more than $22 for a good pair of quality leggings. Whether you’re trying to impress your history teacher with the Egyptian-style leggings, your bestie with the kitten leggings, or your love of music, or Tetris, or art- Zaful has a pair of leggings to match every occasion, every holiday, every hobby, interest, talent, food, etc.! Here are a few of my favorites from their site:

Kitten Leggings

American Flag Leggings

Piano Leggings

Pill Leggings


Egyptian Leggings

Campbell’s Soup Leggings

Jellyfish Leggings

World Map Leggings


Emoji Leggings

Spongebob Leggings

M&M Leggings

Shark Leggings



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