Mason Jar Gift Ideas

One of my favorite things to play with is a jar. A nice, clean, empty jar has so many possibilities. I think that jars are one of the best items use in simple homemade gifts. With just a little bit of ribbon, fabric, or cute paper, you can make a quick and nifty gift  that can be used as a thank you, a get well, a just because, or a I love you token.

Some people are really fascinated by Mason jars. They are good, but I’m also cheap. I like to keep the glass jars from my cabinet as I eat up the food. I have found that jam jars are a good size, and are very cute in shape. Glass ketchup bottles, salsa containers, pickle jars, anything that’s glass- just make sure that you wash them thoroughly before reusing them.

But what to put in the jar? Whatever you want! Here are two ideas that I enjoy doing, and one that was gifted to me.

*Cut up strips of colorful paper. On each strip. write a fun activity that you and the recipient of your gift can do together, a reason that you love or appreciate that person, or something along those lines. Fold or roll up the strips of paper and place those into the jar or container and top in off with a cute bow or knotted piece of fabric.

*Fill the jar with a homemade mix. Assemble all of the dry ingredients from your favorite recipe, mix them well, and put them into jars. Write or type the directions and any remaining ingredients, and attach it to the jar with a ribbon. I have a brownie recipe that is very much enjoyed, and so I like to make mixes to give out to people. But this isn’t limited to brownies or cakes, you can also make pancake or waffle mixes as well.

*My friend made a delicious fudge sauce and and put it into all sorts of different glass containers- ketchup bottles, jam jars, you name it- and then handed those out as Christmas gifts with a simple card. It was a delicious and fun gift.

You can get pretty creative with a jar. I’m off to make a brownie mix for a friend who loves to bake, but seldom has the time. A homemade mix is just the thing for her!

Cheers! Natashya

PS. I totally swiped these images off of Google, but you get the point. I never keep the gifts that I make, believe it or not. Unless I really like them. Then I might keep them. But usually, I just give them to people.

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