Mother’s Day 2016 Trends: What Mom Really Wants


Mother’s Day is coming around the corner on Sunday, May 11, and thanks to polls and surveys  from our friends at, we know just what Mom wants this year for Mother’s Day! According to the research, Moms aren’t so much looking for flowers or a box of chocolate, although sweets are always sweet, Mom wants you to make her something!! Just like you did when you were little, remember when you drew Mom a picture and she put it on the fridge until the edges caved in and the paint started fading? Remember when you picked her some flowers (instead of buying them) and she kept them until the stems rotted and the petals dried out and fell off? Sentimental value is most important for Mom, and something homemade, such as a card with a meaningful poem in it, or a family picture in a beautiful frame will make her smile inside and out! Here are some fun homemade ideas that you can make Mom this year as you celebrate the woman who went through pain, tears, stress, and heartache just to see you happy in life:

1) A poem – Roses are red, violets are blue…. Nah, let’s not write a cliche poem, there’s TONS of rhyming dictionaries online that you can use to captivate that warm fuzzy feeling in mama’s heart! Our favorite online rhyming dictionary is!

2) Dried-out flower bouquet – These beautiful flowers last for months, even YEARS, without rotting! No need for water, find our tutorial here:

3) Family picture with homemade frame – With a hot glue gun and a dollar-store picture frame, you can sentimentalize any family picture by decorating the frame! You can use anything from buttons, to beads, to stickers or paint, and Mom will love it and place it on a shelf where she can see it each day and be reminded of your love for her.

4) Something baked – What Mom doesn’t like it when her children cook for her? Make Mom a delicious dinner, and have the kids all be her waiters and waitresses! Offer her seconds, dessert, or a light massage while she enjoys a nice homemade meal from her loved ones.

5) Gift basket – If you must spend money, we recommend getting Mom a gift basket, but not just any gift basket, a HOMEMADE one! The possibilities of ideas you can add in one are endless! Start with a basket from the Dollar store, then add Mom’s favorite snacks, something homemade, a few beauty items and something healthy! Then wrap it up with plastic and a pretty ribbon and voila – You’ve created a beautiful basket! Here are a few basket ideas that Femiology favors for Mom:

a) Fruit Basket: Add apples, oranges, peaches, pears, bananas, kiwi’s… pretty much any fruit that will fit that Mom likes!

b) Salad Basket: Add a bag of Spring green salad mix, a bag of baby carrots, some pre-packaged celery, a container of salad toppers (like bacon bits, almond slices, etc.), a small bottle of dressing and some crutons! Yummy and healthy!

c) Beauty Basket: Add a few nail polishes, a facial mask, some foot or hand lotion, a pouf, a pumice stone, a beauty bar, chapstick, bubble bath, etc. Perfect gift for the stressful or busy mom who needs to take some time off for herself!

d) Chocolate Goody Basket: If your Mom is a lover of chocolate, add a variety of either her favorite types of chocolates or an assortment of different varieties of truffles, candy bars, etc.

Happy Mother’s Day from all the bloggers at Femiology! We hope whoever and wherever your Mom is, she is spoiled beyond measure on Mother’s Day and every day after that!!


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