Skin Savers: Prevent, Protect, and Purify

Happy Saturday Ladies!

I hope you’ve given our Femiology Bare Skin Challenge a try and were able to see renewing results. If not? Try it out! I know letting your face go completely naked out in the open can seem intimidating for some so I’ve got a thorough list of healthy skin habits and information to help.

To recap here are four tips described in my precious post:
1. Hydration: proper hydration helps acne, makes skin look firm and supple, and helps your skin from drying out as well as cell function and benefits throughout your body.
2. Don’t pop pimples. It traps the bacteria further under the skin causing scarring.
3. Cleanse daily. Cleansing is pretty obvious but morning, maybe even throughout the day, after workouts, and especially cleansing away makeup before bed is very good. If you must at the very least cleanse with facial wipes for convenience rather than not at all.
4. Use Retinol. Retinol helps skin cell turnover and boosts your skin’s collagen production. It also helps scars and sunspots to fade. Simple way to age rewind! 🙂

And now for some new skin care tips you may not have already known:
5. Use Sunscreen. Using an SPF to protect your face from sun damage is important as well as lathering your body. Not just on beach days but you could double up with SPF in your foundation. Your face after all is basically always exposed when there are rays of sunshine out.
6.Eat healthy foods such as almonds, salmon, tuna, and halibut which contain fatty acids and help reduce inflammation which causes fine lines and sagging. Bonus Round! **Nuts, garlic, etc intake also helps balance the shock sugar puts on your body from the inside.
7. Reduce and manage your stress levels. Stress is a rapid release for hormones that cause acne breakouts. It is suggested take several minutes to breathe while exfoliating your skin with a mask or just do what relaxes you. A walk, a hobby… clean faced is better. *Yoga! is shown to boost oxygen flow for skin that glows and reducing that same sag we all want to avoid.
8. Sleep! With children, with busy work-school-errand schedules, with booked planners and living in a fast paced world it’s difficult for many of us to get sufficient hours of sleep nightly but it will be good for your skin and all around health. When you sleep at night (in the dark) it helps your melanin production which studies find is useful in reducing the risk of cancer as opposed to us night owls who work grave shifts. yikes! Aim for 6 hours, get 8-10 hrs sleep, and go ahead indulge in a nap when possible. Your brain will also thank you.
9. Limit the sodium.. or skip sodium soda altogether. Banning all that sodium in sodas can help reduce puffiness and all that sugar isn’t good for your skin anyhow.
10.Yes I said sugar, limit your intake. The process of breaking down sugar in your body also damages collagen.
11. Workout with weights, even light weights. The muscle tone helps you firm skin from the neck down.
12. Drink Tea. Green and black teas have compounds such as EGCG and Theaflavins, that cause wrinkles.
13. Limit or avoid dairy. Dairy contains lactose, a sugar, that spikes your body’s blood sugar through increased hormones and insulin production causing pimples to surface from the skin and irritate your favorite occasions.

I hope that as you establish a good skin care program or take these tips into consideration you will see the benefits of having healthy, clear skin and how these practices are good for your overall health and body. I’ve found some interesting and expected suggestions here over the years that I try to incorporate for my stubborn, combination skin.


~Michelle, Guest Blogger at Femiology

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