SUPER Easy, 5 INGREDIENT Homemade Ice Cream CAKE

This recipe is soooooooo delightful, delicious and determined to give your party a smile, I GUARANTEE IT! Your guests will crave it every time they visit you and ask you to make it again and AGAIN! Seriously. Also, you can now make the SUGAR-FREE version of this ice cream cake by purchasing all of the sugar-free/fat free versions of these ingredients below. Enjoy!



-Ice cream sandwiches (however many you want to work with. I used 9 of them and it made PLENTY.)

-Cool Whip (the frozen kind in a little tub. NOT the can.

-Chocolate syrup

-Caramel syrup

-Heath Bar (or your favorite candy bar), crushed.

photo (1)

OK so this may be THE EASIEST, most yummiest dessert you will ever make – it is for me EVERY TIME I make it!!

Directions are simple:

1) Start your first layer of ice cream sandwiches on a plate. I laid out 3 together and topped it with another 3 going in the opposite direction, then another 3 on top of that. Fed about 8 people.

2) After putting down your first layer, cover the top of the ice cream sandwiches with whipped cream and then chocolate syrup.

3) Add another layer going the OPPOSITE direction on top. Top that with whipped cream and then caramel syrup.

4) Add the third layer of ice cream sandwiches in the same direction as the first ones you set down.

5) Spread whipped cream over the ENTIRE CAKE now, and then drizzle caramel and chocolate syrup on top, and then sprinkle your crushed candy bar on top. Freeze for an hour, cut to serve and ENJOY!


Comment below for any questions! Please let me know how everyone reacted when they experienced this dessert! 😀 Thanks for reading!!!

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