The Costume Dilemma

Hey Ladies!

Halloween is only a week away and some of us are still looking for a costume! We don’t really want to be what we were last year and the year before, we want to be new and exciting, current and fun! …But how do you find the perfect costume for you when even search engines like Google don’t inspire you with their onslaught of Halloween Looks of years gone by? PLUS all the costumes out there are $50 for the cheap ones OUCH! Well, my dear friends, here is a few tips and tricks to get you out of your costume hunting slump WITHOUT braking the bank!

Try the search engines in a different way
Instead of searching for 2013 Halloween Costumes I searched Let’s Make a Deal. Its a game show that has an entire studio audience show up in costume, many of them Homemade! And you know what homemade means? Creative, Inexpensive, roughly Easy to make, AND No One Else Will Be Wearing It!!!
Take a look at some of the first couple pictures that popped up in the image search:

LET'S MAKE A DEALletsmakeadealsubtle



Next up, Try shopping at the stores you wouldn’t normally go to for costumes!



I found this cloak at the Grocery Store! I previously owned the dress and boots. This Costume was a Hit at the Parties!

Try shopping outside the Costume Section. Target has some great Halloween Tees that can be turned into a costumes! Real clothing material is always more comfortable than Costume Fabric 🙂



Just add some green skinny jeans to be a pumpkin and blue jean overalls or suspenders to be a minion!

Lastly if your budget is really tight and a previous years costume is the only affordable option you can still make it new by combining it with other costumes you’ve had! For example if in previous years you’ve been Tinkerbell, an 80’s Punk Rocker, and Leftover Dinner you can take Tinks Wings, the 80’s Wig and Guitar, and the Leftover Dinner foil and become a Outer Space Rocker! To really nail

Whatever you do for Halloween, Have Fun and Be Safe!the costumes look get creative with makeup! Try creating a third eye or (as in previous posts) try sticking gems on your face!


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