The JetsetHER Pack

Hey Ladies!

Happy Friday once again! It’s good to be back home from all my many travels lately, I have flown SO MUCH this year!!! …In fact I just did the math and this year alone (which is not even over yet) I have spent 72 hours and 25 minutes flying! WOW!!! With all this experience I’ve learned a lot about how to make flying an absolute superb way to travel! So I thought I would share some wisdom with you.

Now, unless I’m flying Southwest, I don’t check any bags. The fees for those are outrageous! It’s just me and my carry on luggage. A lot more can go on Carry On luggage than most people think. Such as makeup, you can take as much powdered makeup as you want (as long as it fits in one of your size appropriate bags) and with liquid makeup you can carry on anything that has 3.4 oz! And usually I can get away with up to 3.7! Even though TSA says no tweezers or nail clippers I’ve gotten through with those no problem. Also there is no problem carrying on a large curling iron and straightener. I would think those be much more of a threat than tiny tweezers but hey I’m not complaining.

Now while we’re on the topic of cosmetics and hair, since it is Beauty Friday after all, here are some important beauty tips to  keep in mind. When flying the circulated cabin air can be very drying to your skin and will probably cake your makeup anyway. One option is to go without makeup. I more so recommend wearing tinted moisturizer on the plane and then applying foundation after you land in the airport bathroom to give yourself allover coverage and a beautiful glow before you step out to see your waiting party. With your hair I found out on my most recent flight that though a high messy bun is fast, practical, and pretty it also bothers the TSA. For some silly reason they think that just because it’s on top of you head there’s a high possibility you hid something there. They poked, prodded, and gave my hair a full pat down to the point that I had to redo it! Grr. So when you’re flying skip the stylish trends and go for a simple, I’m not hiding anything pony tail or straight down.

One misconception I’ve noticed to be popular with women travelers is that they believe their “Personal Item” can be no bigger than a small purse so they try to jam everything into their “Carry On” and when all the tucking and squeezing doesn’t work they give in to the high cost of a checked bag. Then they see me with two “Carry On” sized bags and assume I’m breaking some kind of rule, but ladies you can ALL do this! As long as your “Personal Item” fits under the seat in front of you, you too can bring a large duffle! So stop choosing between your purse and your neck pillow and throw them both into a bag and enjoy your flight!

Another important flight factor is what to remember for what time of year you’re flying. Everyone knows about the Holiday Rush and spiked prices.  Not many people know that the cheapest flights are booked on Wednesdays and often people who arrive 2 hours before their flight have a better chance at getting a free bump to a first class seat that has not yet been claimed. However I’m also talking about more than just the Holidays and bad winter traffic that may include flight cancelations, after all everyone is aware of these, I also want to mention Summer Travel. You see, I live in California and we’ve had a very long summer this year starting back in February and we’re just barely starting to see signs of summers passing now, so I’ve had a lot of experience with summer flights!

Here's the thing with flying around in the summer, it's hot where you're leaving and it's hot where you're going. Even the last thought on your mind doesn't say bring a jacket but you know what...BRING A JACKET! In fact pack an entire outfit that's warm inside the bag that will lay in front of your feet. You will need it when they turn on the circulated ac on the plane! It might be nice if the cool air was kind of hovering around and wasn't arctic temperatures but that air is blowing directly on you from a very focused circle above your head. Sure you can switch it off but you can't get to your neighbors and planes can be stuffy, you'll have a miserable love/hate relationship with your air if you don't bring warm clothes. Now on the topic of clothes... on 5 day getaways or shorter you will ALWAYS need just one more of something. Pack: Shirts. With the possibilities of spilling your drink during turbulence, deodorant stains, or even your toothpaste falling off your brush and onto you (which stains bluish white until thoroughly washed) You can Never have too many back up shirts. Leggings and/or Sweatpants. Try to stay away from jeans, besides shoes, these are the bulkiest item in your bag no matter which way you fold them!  Shorts and/or Skirt. You can always plan for a change in plans, be ready with an extra play outfit and an extra doll up outfit. Shoes. Try to only take one pair of dressy shoes but take 2 pairs of play shoes and wear the bulkier if the two on the plane. Socks and Under Garments. You can never have enough of these!

So now we've talked about makeup, hair, and clothes, time to talk about those items we always forget to pack... Me? I usually forget my razor. My head just assumes that its not allowed on board and I always shave on the same day I fly out so I get to the most out of my smooth legs. When you have smooth legs you're not thinking about a razor, but remember to toss it in. It is allowed on board and you will need it on your trip if you plan on following the smart no jeans rule.

We often think of grabbing a book as we head out the door and thats a very smart idea but how many of us grab a NOTEbook? I cannot tell you how many of my more brilliant ideas came while I was flying. The hours in the air with not much to distract you, you're mind is freed up to think on the thoughts pushed back in your everyday rush. Thankfully I've been able to save most of these thoughts in my handy dandy phone but there's been more times than I care to admit where I forgot to charge my phone and I kill it within the first half hour of flight travel from playing mindless rounds of Angry Birds. That's another thing REMEMBER YOUR PHONE CHARGER! And not just your wall charger but remember to grab the car charger before you leave airport parking to catch your flight.

The one thing I forget to pack the most however is EARBUDS! I'm always kicking myself when I've made my packing list, checked it twice, got on my plane without being naughty but nice, and as I sit down for my long inflight nap I look to my left and give my forehead a slap (...and theres my creativity for the day...) as I see the plug-in for the buds in the armrest and I find out that once again my flight will be movie and music-less. I'm seriously considering sewing a pocket inside my carry on bag specifically for earbuds so I'll never be without them. Well have a great weekend ladies and may your travels always be beautiful!

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