To Brows or Not To Brows…

…that is the question?  And the answer is….TO BROWS of course! Yes, go get your brows done! Stop playing around with them at home, or worse, ignoring the whole situation.  As with everything else, you get what you pay for. And if you’re paying nothing, AKA doing them yourself at home, there’s a fair chance it looks like it. Sorry for the brutal honesty, but hey, I cannot tell a lie.  If cost is the issue then consider this. Brow services run about $10-$20…a little higher in bigger cities. You wear your brows every day of your life.  If you go in to have your brows done every six weeks that breaks down to about .22 – .44 cents per day. They will need attention sooner than six weeks, of course. But, if cost is an issue you should be able to maintain them in between. As long as you go back at the six week mark again. So…now you’re wondering what you do with them when you get there?


Celebrity Eyebrow Shapes

A good brow professional will take the time to consult with you first. They will want to know what sort of shape you like. Please, don’t be afraid to ask their opinion.  A reputable brow artist should be able to advise  you about what best fits your eyes, your face, and your personal style. If you haven’t been to a brow professional before here are some of the services you can choose.

Waxing: Wax is spread over the area with the hair you want removed. Once the wax has hardened the technician will pull it off quickly. The hair underneath will stick to the wax and pull away from the skin.

Threading: This is an ancient art that is making a resurgence in the skin care world. It is done by twisting a cotton thread across the area with unwanted hair. The hair is pulled out by being caught in the loop of thread.

Tweezing: Tweezers are used to remove hairs one at a time. This is effective if there is not a lot of hair to remove or to get at hard to reach hairs. Tweezing is used to add finishing details.

These are the most typical methods of temporary hair removal. Does it hurt? Well of course, you’re having your hair pulled out by the root. BUT!!!! It only hurts for literally a couple of seconds and the results are SO, SO worth it. A beautifully shaped brow frames your eyes and draws the eye upward. It’s one of those beauty details that should never be overlooked!

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