10 Slimming Secrets From An Actual Skinny Person


Being a former supermodel (only former because I quit modeling after having a baby), I get these questions a lot – 1) people have asked me how the heck do I stay so thin, 2) what are some creative ideas to help them stay healthy and fit, and 3) why is it so hard to lose weight?! This post is for my dear friends who have asked. So here are 10 reasons why, after all you’ve done to lose weight, you may still be putting on pounds, and my advice on helping you shed those pounds for good:


  1. You’re dieting – Have you been bouncing from diet to diet lately, gulping down all kinds of liquid detoxes, pills, powders, cleanses, and teas? Does fasting or skipping meals altogether sound too familiar to you? Have you tried omitting carbs, meats, gluten, dairy, and are still battling bulge? Dieting is actually NOT the answer to your problems then! Especially those “lose 15 pounds over 2 days” fads, or magic pills that promise you a slimmer figure while you do nothing. In fact, the way I keep thin is actually by eating MORE! More meals that is. My secret, instead of skipping one or two large meals, or fasting breakfast, is to a) always eat breakfast, this gives you a boost of energy that lasts throughout the day, and 2) always eat snacks, and I’m not talking about sugary or salty snacks, I’m talking many mini meals throughout the day! I like to eat something at least every 3-4 hours. Whether it’s a snack or a mini meal, it’s necessary to keep your metabolism burning calories faster than you can consume them! I like to eat breakfast, snack snack snack snack, dinner. One idea for a snack is to make little 200-calorie mini-meals like these or these that you can munch on during the daytime, and say sayonara to those extra pounds!
  2. You’re still eating out – I grew up ALWAYS hungry. As a kid I was underfed and malnourished. I would walk by restaurants on my way home from school and envy all the happy families who would waddle out with big smiles and full bellies, completely oblivious to the fact that I was starving. And yet they’d glare at me and make rude remarks, as if I was purposely starving myself just to look better than them. I would’ve done anything to eat out at any restaurant during my childhood years and throughout my pregnancy, but I couldn’t afford it so I just didn’t go. So in this case, I want you to set the money aside that you would normally spend on restaurant food every week/month, and put it into a savings account. At the end of each quarter (every 3 months), take that cash and take yourself on a shopping spree for outfits that will fit your slimmer figure! It’s okay to treat yourself once every now and then, but for those people who are just too lazy to cook and feel that they’d actually starve if they don’t get fast food in their gullets within the next 30 minutes, you can do better. Go home and use that kitchen you worked on so hard to organize. Like my new dress, by the way? 😉 You get the point.Corri_Thomas_May27_2014-40232
  3. You’re drinking too much water – I know this one might sound silly, right? I have seen many people who drink 8-12 glasses of water per day, and still they have TONS of water weight hanging around. I’m not one who believes in dehydrating yourself for the purpose of losing weight, but there are certain foods that you are eating that, when you drink your 8-12 glasses of water each day, that water isn’t going anywhere but your waist. In this case, I recommend still drinking your water (there’s a formula here to determine exactly how much you should be drinking daily), but cut out the foods that are making you retain your water weight. And for you lazy people (including me haha) who have an extra 15 minutes of downtime in a day, sit in a sauna once per week and do absolutely nothing but melt (melt the fat off, that is!). Haa, see what I did there? Recently I had the opportunity to taste the new line of cold-pressed juices, Naked Pressed, and I must say, I’m officially obsessed with Pressed! Each Naked Cold Pressed Juice is made with ready-to-eat, high quality fruits and vegetables that are cold-pressed right into the bottle. Naked Pressed have no added sugar, no preservatives and are verified by the Non GMO Project.IMG_2112
  4. You can’t call quits with the salty foods – BINGO! The big four letter s-word that makes your water weight weigh you down. SALT. Too much salt. Unlike me, I’ve heard that there are actual people living on this planet among us, who crave salty foods instead of sugar!! Preposterous, right?? Haa, a little salt is okay, but when you’re snacking on fatty foods, fried foods, fries, chips, saltines, or anything else that screams TOO MUCH SALT, chances are there’s room to improve.saltyfoodsCut your regular salt intake in half, and see what difference it makes when you glug (yes glug is a word) your water. The water weight should shed a whole lot easier now.
  5. You’re only doing cardio – Ever see those people who run, run, run, and still have tons of weight? While cardio itself is excellent for getting your heart pumping, sweating off water weight (another bright idea), and quickly losing a few pounds here and there, it is not enough to shed massive pounds fast, and to keep the weight off. I read online from many sources that cardio alone is not enough to lose weight for good, it only makes you sweat and burn calories. And it takes soooo long to burn so few calories, right? In this case, I would recommend doing weights also. And not just your average 2-pound dumbbells, find a workout program (there’s an app for that) where you’re given a different set of weights and exercises to do each day that will intensify your exercise regimen, therefore shedding extra pounds. I like to use bodybuilding.com. And don’t just run while you’re at the gym, try doing different speeds and intervals while you’re on the treadmill, like any of theseCorri_July31_2014-45937
  6. You’re only doing weights – Ever see those people who go to the gym, do a bunch of weights, and then go home? And they take home their muscles, and yes, their excess bulge? You need to do weights, there’s no question to that. It makes you stronger, and helps your body burn more calories (sometimes even more than cardio), even while you’re not working out anymore. My point is that you need to do strength training AND cardio. Sure, cardio can also make you gain a few pounds, but a pound of muscle is MUCH more healthy than a pound of fat.fatvsmuscleSo do cardio AND weights together when you go to the gym. Together these two create the perfect workout regimen. I like to go to the gym 2-3 days a week and do both. I won’t encourage going to the gym every day, because I’m a busy momma and I personally don’t exercise every day. In my opinion, working out every day burns you out fast and it doesn’t become a habit you look forward to. But that’s just me.
  7. You’re too stressed – Are you one who eats your feelings? I’ve seen this too many times. Stress can cause people to eat more, which causes weight-gain, which causes even more stress, which makes you even more hungry, returns you right back to the “cycle of chub.” Calm down, take a deep breath, and find a happy place!! And enough with that whole “stressed spells desserts backwards” crap. Find what’s making you stressed, learn to control 75% of it, and use exercise and petting cute kittens or puppies to control the rest. Oh and for goodness’ sake, have a cookie (just one or two). It’s on me lol.
  8. You’re still sitting for long hours – Are you keeping your weight because you have to sit at a desk job all day? If so, NONSENSE!!!!! There’s many things you can still do, while sitting, that can help you burn calories even while you’re sitting. First, find an ergonomic chair, or an exercise ball to sit on at work. You don’t need to sit on it all day, just a few hours per day to stabilize your back and work those muscles! Between phone-calls and emails, bounce a few times, and try a few sit-ups, pushups, or stretches when you start feeling tired.Corri_July31_2014-45990Swap that out for your regular office chair and you should notice more energy throughout the day. You can also try an office desk bike. Ever heard of those? It’s a set of bike pedals that sits under your desk, so you can cycle while working, without anyone even noticing you’re exercising! You can also do a few jumping jacks on your break if you start to lose your energy at work, and instead of eating candy and drinking coffee and soda, munch on some fresh or freeze-dried fruit and veggies, UNSALTED nuts, or drink ice cold water (which also burns calories while your body warms it up on the inside). Get creative, there are many fun things you can do while sitting at work to keep the calories burning! Amazon has the desk bike I have for only $16 bucks. Stamina 15-0125 InStride Folding Cycle
  9. You haven’t dissed the soda – Soda. Another bad four-letter S-word. There’s not one healthy benefit of drinking soda. None. Sure it may taste good and you may want to drink it to give you temporary energy, but after about 80 minutes, you’re experiencing a sugar low and attempt to drink even more soda to regain that energy. According to WebMD, “The most recent headlines have raised concerns that diet sodas boost stroke risk. Diet and regular sodas have both been linked to obesity, kidney damage, and certain cancers. Regular soft drinks have been linked to elevated blood pressure.” Yuck. I’m not claiming soda makes people fat (although it may be true), but every single person I know who quit soda cold turkey dropped pounds in the DOUBLE DIGITS within the first few weeks. sodaOne 10-oz can of soda contains around 60 grams of sugar, which is equivalent to 15 TEASPOONS of sugar. Can you eat a cup of that much sugar alone without gagging? No? Okay then, don’t drink it either. I personally love Naked Cold Pressed Juice, its perfect for sipping throughout the day or guzzling all at once; and its packed with antioxidants and nutrients that your body actually does need, lifting your spirits and giving you energy without the crash. IMG_2065
  10. You have too much free time on your hands  – If you’re sitting on a couch on Facebook and or at a desk at work and realize that a few hours have went by, and you feel bloated and somehow found the empty wrappers of a large bag of chips, an empty donut box, and a large 44oz soft drink containing the remnants of melting ice next to you, you’ve got a serious problem. You’ve been eating your time away. Get up, get out, and GO DO SOMETHING that will take your mind off food! Chase your kids around the house. Read a book or watch your favorite TV shows only while walking on a treadmill. Go to a park and walk your (also fat and overly fed) dog. Clean your house. Organize the pantry. For you married couples, get busy (which also burns LOTS of calories if you know what I mean..haha). There are tons and tons of ways you can burn calories and shed pounds here and there, all day long! Try a few of these 10 ideas and let me know your successes!

P.S. Notice how I didn’t say “ditch the sugar”? I confess, I am a devoted chocolate lover, and a firm believer that you can eat as much as you want, as long as you’re willing to do the extra exercise to burn off half of the calories. So while you’re noshing on 2 cookies or a large slice of chocolate cake at a party, log your calories and hit the gym afterwards to burn off half of the calories you consumed for each treat, and no shame there! But you have to be willing to actually go to the gym and do it, though. You’re burning EXTRA calories on top of what you would normally do in your cardio regimen.
Okay wanna know a secret? In all of these images, I was actually 2 months pregnant at the time I did my fitness photoshoot! And I followed my own guidelines after my baby was born, and BAM! 2 months later, no one can even tell I ever had a baby in my belly! Woot!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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