Hey all… it’s me Sonja with your TUESDAY TIMEOUT for Fitness and Health.  Let’s face it… these days we are ALL busy and on the go.  No time for a workout? No such thing!  Take it from me, you can work out even in very busy public places and not get a bit of a quirky look.  Some weeks and days are busier than others, true.  That doesn’t mean you have to ignore yourself and give up your workout routine!  That is how the pounds creep back on after all… we get “busy.” Shed the pounds, not your workout!


Here are some awesome ways I use to get toned, tight, and tucked in minutes:

1. The “Squeeze” technique:
What is one of the most difficult areas to tone on a woman’s body who is over 20?  Yep, the butt!  I have mastered a move that is sure to help tone those glutes in little to no time.  When you are walking around, tighten your glutes (aka the large butt muscles <also known as “cheeks”> that tend to droop and succumb to gravitational pull as we age).  You can either do what I do, take a step and with every step, keep the muscles tight; or stand, then slightly squeeze and hold both your glutes for 5-10 seconds and repeat as many times as you wish. I walk around all day doing these!  THEY WORK!!!!  Promise you they work!!  You will see once you go to sit down at the end of the day.  Let me know if you feel it tomorrow.  😉


2.  “Squat It Like It’s Hot”
Instead of bending to pick that pen or paper that slipped to the floor, stand up and hold a chair (if necessary) and squat down to retrieve your dropped item.  Squats are an amazing way to burn calories as well as work those legs.  Squats can also help strengthen your butt.  Who doesn’t want a firm butt and nice short ready legs?  This girl right here definitely likes the way her hubby comments on how jeans fit these days.  Even in the shower, there is no better time to do squats.  You are already in there to get clean, so make the most of your time!  Right?  🙂

office workout

3.  Long Lunges
Legs… they contain the larger muscle groups in the body.  Yes, we use them everyday, but just because we use them doesn’t mean we are working them as hard as we should.  I say when you get home from a long day of work that has seemed to beaten you down, take your shoes off then go to a longer area in your home.  Do 10 lunges each leg… that is it!  It will help you unwind from an eventful day and also will help release endorphins that will help with ridding tension.  I tend to do more lunges on Monday more than most other days! Not sure why, maybe it is the kickoff to the week that seems to add to my schedule of wife/mom duties.


4.  Breathe… that’s it… just breathe!
Deep breathing is amazing!  It is oxygen flowing into the body which in returns rids the body of toxins once exhaled. Deep breathing expands the diaphragm which inflates your lungs.  This action creates a relaxation response and stimulates your lymphatic system. Your lymphatic system is your sewer line, so to speak.  It serves as your body’s drainage system that flushes the gunk away.  If not working effectively can lead to muscle loss, weight gain, high blood pressure, inflammation response and fatigue.  Breathe from the diaphragm, not your chest for effective results.  Check out this awesome article on the health benefits of deep breathing: http://www.livestrong.com/article/351317-what-are-the-health-benefits-of-breathing-deeply/
Take several deep diaphragmatic deep breathes throughout the day!


5.  Stretching… ahhhhhhhhh!
I love to stretch, any time of the day!  For some strange reason, whenever I do I just feel so much better.  All the day’s tension seems to fade, the stress seems to lighten, and my body feels relaxed after a good stretch.  Know what I mean?  Do this right now: stand up, cup your hands and reach for the sky!  Stay there as long as you want.  Imagine your muscles are twice the length they actually are.  This is something you can do ANYWHERE and at ANY TIME!  Car, desk, gym, school, dance floor (hey, may even look like you have created a new dance move), shower, bed… absolutely anywhere!  The added benefits to good stretching are muscle relaxation which allows your muscles to become more flexible, increased blood flow to your muscles which includes your brain, increased athletic performance throughout the entire day, and also helps prepare for any future workout you may have later that day.  Want to go beyond just a few minutes of stretching?  Add yoga or Pilates to your routine.  When you have time, of course.  🙂


All these are simple and very doable moves and techniques you can use each and every day for a little bonus to your normal routine when time is an issue.  A little sure can go a long way!  Have a great week everyone and please feel free to share this information with your friends, family, & Facebook.

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