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Here’s an idea, let’s travel the world and eat dinner in every nation in 15 days! Would be nice, right? On a more realistic note, how about making dinner from every nation in 15 days? Now there’s an idea! All of these recipes can be prepared and frozen ahead of time and when you’re ready for an authentic dinner, simply thaw it the night before, pour ingredients into your crockpot, cook for several hours, and you’re good to go!

Image result for thai lettuce wraps crockpot
Image result for polynesian island chicken crockpot
Image result for British Crockpot Pork Fillet  crockpot
Image result for crockpot greek lamb tacos

Image result for italian meatballs crockpot

14. African Chicken Stew from Ready Set Eat

Image result for african crockpot chicken stew

15. Brazilian Feijoada (Pork and Black Bean Stew) from Mel’s Kitchen Cafe

Brazilian Feijoada

Safe travels!

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