Month: January 2019

Delicious Gluten-Free Cinnamon Raisin Bread

Let me start by saying how much I despise gluten-free food. The taste – just yuck!! I feel so bad for people who have Celiac or gluten intolerance, like my poor husband, who can no longer enjoy the best tasting foods (according to my tastebuds haha)! At first I thought he was high maintenance when we were dating, I would invite him over for dinner and he had special dietary needs and it was so overwhelming needing to make a gluten-free version of everything I cooked.

grains and nuts

I’ve seen the effects that gluten consumption have on my husband, along with a few of my nieces and nephews, and I have since changed my mindset so I could be more accommodating and sensitive to their needs. I know they absolutely hate how their bodies react to grains, and I know their hearts break when they go to social and family events and someone busts out a plate of warm homemade chocolate chip cookies, or orders a pizza that they just can’t have – it’s gotta be tough. I’ve tasted a few gluten free foods in my life – like cookies, bread, etc. and I wanted to cry – everything has a tasteless grainy mashed potato after-taste.

woman gagging

Because I love my husband and my nieces and nephews so much and am trying to do better at providing gluten-free options for our home cooked meals, I thought I’d try a few recipes that had hundreds of reviews and high ratings. Here’s one of the first recipes I found, a gluten free sandwich bread recipe. Originally adapted from the Meaningful Eats blog, I tested out this recipe and my hubby really liked it! He’s had his fair share of gluten free store-bought and homemade breads and has just not found one he really likes – until now.

cinnamon raisin bread

I admit the original sandwich bread recipe was a bit grueling to make – I mean, who has almond flour and psyllium husk readily available in their pantry?? I was a bit surprised that I did (don’t ask LOL). And after I tried the recipe and got Hubby’s full approval, I took it a step further and decided to make it into a cinnamon raisin bread. And for someone who absolutely hates the taste (and even the thought) of gluten free foods, I admit this was delicious! So here’s my tried-and-true Cinnamon Raisin Gluten Free Bread recipe, let me know what you think! For best results, make sure to use Bob’s Red Mill 1:1 Gluten-Free Flour. Also, make sure to follow the recipe exactly as I did it, and if you have a bread maker, it’s best to let the bread rise inside the bread pan and then set it to a timed option without the entire bread-making process. So here we go!

sliced bread

Gluten Free Cinnamon Raisin Bread

Please share your thoughts, questions, and suggestions below, I’d love to hear how it turns out and your/your family’s reaction to it’s tastiness!

Starting From Scratch

Hi ladies, we are back in action! Femiology is officially back up and running. We had a few massive roadblocks back in July that brought the entire site down and I thought there was a way we could salvage our content but unfortunately I lost it all. Not to worry though – it was all outdated anyways, I think it’s about time we revamped the website and brought in new content!

I am so excited to share this new journey with you. Femiology has influenced millions of women (and men) around the world in its glory years and I fully intend to rebuild this site and share my ideas and talents with the world again.

This time around, I will be blogging alone, not as as team effort (although sometimes I refer to myself as “we” for no reason whatsoever haha). All of the content here will be my own ideas and opinions, and it will be much more personal than the previous blog was. So take it or leave it, but it will be great.

From it’s humble beginning in 2013 back when I thought 130 views in a day were as good as it would get – to over 100k views in 8 hours a few months later – I will share my blogging journey and keep record of everything that works for me to gain a massive follower base again, so enthusiastic women around the world who dream of blogging can do the same!

Wish me luck! And subscribe while you can, it’ll be a fun adventure!