Imposter Syndrome: Fighting False Feelings in Business

Tell me if any of these sound familiar:

“I can’t do it, why am I even trying?”

“I’m not good enough, I will never be.”

“She does it so much better, I should just give up.”

“Why would anyone want to buy from me?”

“I don’t deserve this, I didn’t do anything special.”

“Everyone else around me is succeeding, but I’m failing.”

If you’ve heard these voices in your head, especially as you’ve tried to start and grow your business, you’ve likely experienced some of the many voices of imposter syndrome. Imposter syndrome is that voice in your head that constantly whispers lies, that makes you feel unimportant and insignificant, that echoes your fears and loudly proclaims that you’re going to fail. It starts in your mind and moves to your ears and can manifest itself in your actions, or rather, inactions.

According to one article, lack of self-confidence, anxiety, doubts about your thoughts, abilities, achievements and accomplishments, negative self-talk, feelings of inadequacy, dwelling on past mistakes and not feeling good enough — these are all signs and symptoms of imposter syndrome.

Just imagine what this can do to someone starting a new business. There is so much competition out there. And it seems like everyone else is excelling and succeeding. With all of these negative voices screaming so loudly at you, threatening your imminent failure, pressuring you to give up and not take chances… how can you fight those false feelings and get rid of them for good?

Here are my top 5 suggestions on how to combat imposter syndrome.

  1. Separate fact from feelings – When those thoughts seep into your mind, take the time to do a quick reality check. Understanding when your mind is telling you a lie versus actual facts can help you to realize that even though you may feel stupid, in reality, you are not stupid.
  2. Avoid the Dirty C’s – The top three things that make people unhappy in life are comparing, competing, and complaining. Learn to accept your wins and hold yourself accountable for your shortcomings, and set personal goals to improve the things you feel you could do better. This will help you focus more on improving your circumstances rather than feeling disappointed in yourself whenever you make a mistake.
  3. Celebrate your wins and your failures – Don’t over-celebrate your wins and don’t under-celebrate your failures. Keep it close to neutral. When you have a successful moment, give yourself a hug or treat yourself to an extra TV show or sleeping in for an extra 15 minutes the next morning. Instead of coming down on yourself for mistakes and failures, tell yourself “It’s okay, everyone makes mistakes,” and “This is/was an opportunity for learning and growth.” Give yourself credit for the effort, there’s no need to punish yourself for anything less than a win.
  4. Break the cycle of continually seeking validation from others – Remember that YOU are the key to your happiness, not someone else. Especially in business. If compliments make you, insults will break you. Don’t rely on others to tell you whether your idea or business is a good idea or not, you determine that. After all, people sell artwork made from vomit for tens of thousands of dollars online. How bad could it be?
  5. Believe you can succeed – I’m basically saying fake it ‘til you make it. Look confident. Act confident. Be confident. If you’re looking for validation, here it is. You can do this. You got this. You truly do have what it takes to succeed. The world needs your expertise, opinion and experiences. The world needs the products you have to sell. You just have to convince them that they need it, and that will be easy. You can and will be successful. Believe it and then do it.

About the Author:

Corri Anna Matheson is the Chief of Staff for The Mom Empire. She wears many hats – as a stay-at-home Mom and a long-time blogger, self-proclaimed chef, actress, model, web designer, extreme couponer, marketing specialist, cat lover, Wife to her true love, and Mother of two beautiful, happy children. Her blog, Femiology, is a women’s lifestyle blog that shares fashion and fitness advice, recipes, crafts, DIY activities, couponing tips, and family fun. She spends her time doing all the things she loves.

Before You Shop Online, Here Are 62 Items You Can Buy For A Buck

So, being a HUGE discount queen, (hey it’s more fancier than calling myself cheap haha) I’m always on the lookout for great deals. While shopping online at Walmart.com and Amazon is convenient, I realize that there are so many things you can just buy at Dollar Tree! Why waste your hard-earned money buying these exact same items at any drugstore or online for more money? Can you believe all this stuff’s a BUCK?? Continue reading below!

  1. Coupon books – These are pre-labeled books where you can organize your coupons into the little slots! Love these! Great investment for a buck!
  2. Cotton swabs – A box of 170 Q-tips at CVS is $2.79. The same amount at the dollar store is… well, a dollar. It’s not the Q-tips brand, but I see little difference.
  3. Kitchen utensils – If you need a baster, a soup pouring spoon, a spatula, knives, etc. Dollar Tree has it!
  4. Medicines – Ibuprofen is like, $4-5 dollars for a 20 pack at Walmart?? Get it at Dollar Tree, same medication, just without the brand name!
  5. Double-sided tape – You can get 130 inches of this tape at the dollar store. This is a shorter tape than the 450-inch roll for $4.79 at Staples, but it is still 1/5 cent cheaper per inch.
  6. Cleaning supplies – you can find TONS of cleaning supplies here from laundry detergent to glass cleaners and even dish-soap!
  7. Paper clips – A pack of 100 vinyl-coated colored paper clips for a dollar versus 60 of the same for $2.49 at Office Depot.
  8. Wax paper, Parchment Paper & Tin Foil – These are hard to compare price-wise because the square footage is different in the boxes at the dollar stores than the boxes in the regular grocery stores. However, there are still cheaper per inch. Plus, I don’t use these items that much, so I don’t want giant rolls taking up my limited drawer space in the kitchen. I also really like the pre-cut pop-up foil sheets that are huge frustration savers.
  9. Holiday decorations – Every month there is an aisle full of new holiday decorations. These are cheap and fun gifts for the kids or a little seasonal pick-me-up for the house or office. Can’t beat the price.
  10. Envelopes – WITH the pre-licked (just kidding, I mean self-adhesive) tops!
  11. Baby wash and oil – My friends use the baby wash as a bath wash and the baby oil lotion is strictly a lotion but goes on smooth, sinks right in and is absolutely not oily. So don’t buy expensive, overly perfumed lotions and bath washes, you will no be disappointed with these two products.
  12. Tupperware containers – plastic containers to store your leftovers in. I’ve found sets of 2-4 containers at our local Dollar Tree, as well as a large cake-sized container.
  13. No Damage Hair Elastics – A package is $2.39 at CVS. No brainer!
  14. Candy – If you take your own candy into the movie theater, then getting your candy at the dollar store is the way to go as you can save up to $4 per box of junior mints or M&Ms. You’ll see a lot of off-brand candy, but don’t be turned off. There is plenty of brand name candy as well, like Snickers, Butterfinger, and Tootsie Rolls.
  15. Picnic supplies and utensils – Awesome for parties! And YAY for fewer dishes to wash!
  16. Socks – From exercise socks to holiday socks to warm fuzzy cozy snuggle socks! Can’t go wrong here!
  17. Batteries – I’ve seen AA, AAA and watch batteries.
  18. Undergarments –  Good cotton underwear, socks.
  19. School and home office supplies – I seriously get all my papers, pens, notebooks, tape, staplers and colored pencils here. Good deal.
  20. Calculator – AWESOME deal! Put 2 and 2 together on this one. Haha, get it?
  21. Locking plastic baggies and garbage bags – You can pretty much get any off-brand Ziploc bags there, and they sell Hefty brand bags too!
  22. Books – for all you bookworms out there.. the genres are limitless!
  23. Greeting cards – YES!!! Two for a $ at Dollar Tree…. how can you go wrong??
  24. Groceries – A number of my friends and family members RAVE about the groceries and foods they have eaten from dollar stores. While quality varies, the list included organic soymilk, flax seeds, various bags of beans, veggie/fruit “green” bags, dry onion soup mix, canned soups.
  25. Shampoo and conditioner – I’ve seen Suave brand, V05, etc. Pretty good deals!!
  26. “Silk” flowers and fake leaves/ fruits – put these in a basket they sell and viola~ A fruit basket!!
  27. Gift bags and wrapping paper – the whole back wall is full of wrapping paper, gift bags, and ribbons!
  28. Hydrogen peroxide and alcohol – Perfect for starting a first-aid kit!
  29. Puzzles, board books, and coloring books – great for keeping the little ones busy!
  30. Mops, Brooms, Dustpans – clean house happy family!
  31. Washcloths, kitchen towels – these are pretty good quality, I dunno why I paid $3-6 for each one at Walmart!
  32. Trays and containers – Sterno trays and other aluminum containers. I love using these as serving dishes for meals!
  33. Baking trays and cookie sheets! – I also found disposable casserole dishes
  34. Cheap eyeglasses – one of my friends swears by these, she loves them!
  35. Balloons – they can blow up any for you and you can also buy packs of different colored balloons.
  36. Cell phone car chargers – I’ve seen them at Dollar Tree before.. who woulda known?
  37. Cell phone covers – I found some at Dollar Tree for the iPhone 4 and 5.
  38. Chips – many different kinds. I’ve seen Pringles, potato chips, pretzels, Lays, etc.
  39. Small flashlights – perfect for your emergency kit!
  40. Small puzzles (usually Disney) – what a cute idea for a kid’s birthday gift! And the Disney brand! Awesome!!
  41. Scotch tape as well as packing tape – stick to these and you’ll never go wrong! Ha!
  42. Small Christmas presents and stocking stuffers – during Christmas time there are TONS of Christmas gifts and fun toys you can wrap or add to loved ones’ stockings!
  43. Tableware – Dollar Tree has a good selection of tableware from bowls, plates, glass and mugs to utensils!! All the same brand, different styles, and all $1 per piece.
  44. Nail polishes – they have TONS of different colors there any as far as I’ve tried them, I don’t see a difference in their quality versus drugstore bought nail polish!
  45. Makeup – the Dollar Tree by me sells pretty good quality makeup. I’ve seen Maybelline, ELF and some L.A. Colors brands!
  46. Hazelnut Wafer Twists – yummm those delicious chocolate-filled wafer sticks that everyone loves… and the same flavor as Nutella. Yum again.
  47. Tissues – Kleenex, Puff’s, paper towels, and toilet paper!
  48. Noxzema razors – Apparently they give you a good shave and do not nick like cheap Bics.
  49. Wipes – antibacterial cleaning wipes as well as moist towelettes and baby wipes!! I keep them in the glove compartment of my car and use them to clean up spills, wipe down my desk, wash my hands when I’m on the go, I’ve even used them to remove make-up in a pinch.
  50. Rubber gloves – Save a couple of bucks by buying these at a Dollar Store!!
  51. Cotton balls and cotton swabs – They normally cost between $2 – $4 at drug stores.
  52. Baby powder – perfect for moms who don’t care to spend so much on the same product at a drug store.
  53. Hand sanitizer – little bottles, big bottles, you’ll find them at a dollar store near you!
  54. Pregnancy tests – Dollar tree has them for $1 while the name brand ones anywhere else can be $10-$15! And if you’re wondering, they’re 99.99% accurate and so much cheaper at $1.00!
  55. Animal toys – I’ve bought dog chew toys, cat collars, and toys, catnip here, etc. They have a HUGE selection, and in case you have an animal prone to demolishing toys, you can always go back and get another, they’re only a dollar!
  56. Bleach – goes along with cleaning supplies
  57. Little plastic tube squeezers for toothpaste and ointments – they also have empty spray bottles for those of you who make homemade cleaning supplies!
  58. Juice Boxes – It’s hard to find 100% juice at most supermarkets, and when you find it, it’s pricey. The local Dollar Tree sells four-packs of 100% juice boxes, some of them organic. They’re smaller than standard size but perfect for little ones.
  59. Toothpaste and floss – pretty good deal!
  60. Toothbrushes – how could I forget?
  61. Hand soaps – I’ve seen Soft Soap brands here, normally for $2-3 at Walmart and drugstores. They even have cute bathroom containers you can put hand soaps and lotions in!
  62. Makeup remover cloths – my siblings swear by these, and they don’t leave your face too dry or oily!


Soooooooo I’ve told you all the REALLY GOOD DEALS you’re getting by shopping at a Dollar store FIRST, but I’m about to let you in on a little secret that’s gonna SAVE YOU EVEN MORE $$$ and absolutely blow your mind. Ready for it?




So next time you build that long grocery list, be sure to swing by your local dollar store and find the best deals there FIRST! And by all means, use coupons! Then, feel free to carry on with life!


*Special thanks to Bobbi at bargainbabe.com for sharing some of your ideas! :D

$20 to Spend at Walmart Freebie

Free cashI found a great deal I wanted to share! We’ve all been there, times get hard and we find something online that we REALLY want, but we can’t get it because… funds are low. Whether it’s a new makeup tool, some cute flip flops, a couple nail polishes or a moisturizing conditioner, if it’s at Walmart, let me help you get it!

And no, my hubby isn’t freaking out right now haha. You see, here’s why it’s great to have a friend in the blogging business. I love finding and sharing COOL PERKS with everyone!

Here’s how I’m going to help you get $20 cash to spend at Walmart:

I partnered with TopCashBack, one of the United States’ most generous cash back sites (its better than Ebates), that gives you cash back on all your purchases. Right now we agreed on a fun deal: $20 to spend at Walmart on (almost) anything, just for signing up. And here’s another perk, I’ll throw in an extra $5 bucks, just for signing up using my referral link below:

Get My $20 now

Here’s how it works. You click my link above, you sign up with TopCashBack, go to Walmart.com THROUGH the Top Cash Back site, spend $20, and within minutes your $5 will show up, and within a few days another $20 will show up. This deal is for new members only.

TopCashBack also has an app, so anytime you want to shop online, be sure to go to the site directly from the app so you can receive cash back on all purchases. If you don’t go to the site first, the program won’t see your referral and cannot reward you. It’s very similar to Ebates.

From 1-5% cash back on every purchase you make, the dollars can add up quickly! This deal only lasts until July 28th so act quickly!

Best wishes and happy shopping!

Healthy High Energy Bites

Are you tying to avoid caffeine? Are you drained of all energy 2 hours after you wake up? Do you need a healthy energizing snack but can’t find anything that isn’t loaded with sugar? Perhaps these Energy Bites can help!

I saw a YouTube video of these No-Bake Energy Balls and wanted to create my own recipe. After a few attempts, I perfected my creation and these are by far my favorite. They are absolutely delicious and a perfect healthy snack, breakfast, or treat when you’re craving sugar!

I used my food processor to blend everything together, and then formed them into balls using plastic wrap. As a sugar addict, I must say, lately I’ve been craving these more than sugar! Eat one with breakfast inHere’s how to make them:

High Energy Breakfast Bites


10 almonds, chopped

10 dates, pruned and pitted

2 tbsp shredded coconut

2 tbsp craisins

1 tbsp chia seeds

1 cup oats

3 tbsp honey

3 tbsp peanut butter

1 tsp lemon zest


Add all ingredients to food processor and blend until it becomes a gritty texture (if you have almond butter than you’ve blended it too much). Form into balls using your palms or drop a few spoonfuls onto a sheet of plastic wrap and form it into a ball, unwrap and repeat. Makes between 10-20 Energy Bites depending on the size you create (my recipe made a dozen 2″ balls, only I couldn’t take the picture fast enough to avoid my family scarfing down half the batch). Enjoy!

Homemade All-Natural Laundry Detergent – 5 cents per load, with free printable labels

Got babies? Or family members with sensitive skin? Or just can’t afford laundry soap with its super high prices? We sure do! Why spend $15-20 on a gallon of chemical-rich, fragrant-overloaded, heavily-dyed laundry detergent if it could potentially harm your loved ones’ lovable yet super sensitive skin?

Quick remedy: Try making this all-natural homemade laundry detergent! I found a few different recipes and reviews on Pinterest, and apparently everyone swears by this homemade detergent! Its all-natural ingredients are chemical and dye-free, perfume-free, it’s a natural stain and odor remover, it’s safe for sensitive skin, and costs around .5 cents per load to make. Not to mention the fresh natural lemon scent your laundry will be left with after washing each load! I’ve been using this laundry detergent for several months now, and have even found other websites that have compared its super stain-fighting abilities to your average commercial laundry detergent, and this recipe has proven valiant and victorious against the battle with stains!

First of all, to make my claims accurate, I need to share what the ingredients are and what’s in them (thank you Wellness Mama for sharing):

What’s in it:

Borax, Washing Soda, and Fels Naptha

Borax is a naturally occurring mineral made up of sodium, boron, oxygen, and water. It is an ingredient in most of the natural soaps available now (Seventh Generation, etc.) but it is much more inexpensive to make yourself.

Washing Soda, sometimes called sodium carbonate or soda ash, is made from common salt and limestone or found as natural deposits.

Fels Naptha is a laundry bar soap that is used for dissolving oils and removes stains; its ingredients include tallow, glycerine, coconut oil, palm oil or palm kernel oil.

Calculating the Cost (According to local Walmart prices):

  • One 55 ounce box Washing Soda- $3.49
  • One 76 ounce box of Borax – $4.99
  • One Bar Fels Naptha Soap- $2.99

A 3.5-Gallon batch of detergent costs approximately $5.69 to make and washes exactly 112 loads (using 1/2 cup detergent per load), costing about $0.05 per load!

And now for the recipe you’ve been waiting for:

Homemade All-Natural Laundry Detergent – 5 cents per load, with free printable labels

Yield: 4 gallons of laundry detergent

Homemade All-Natural Laundry Detergent – 5 cents per load, with free printable labels


  • 1 bar Fels Naptha Soap (found in the laundry aisle of most stores)
  • 1 cup Borax
  • 1 cup Arm & Hammer Washing Soda (not to be confused with baking soda!!!)
  • One 4 gallon bucket
  • Water
  • 4 empty milk gallons to store detergent


  1. Bring 4 cups of water to boil in a medium saucepan.
  2. Using cheese grater, fully grate bar of Fels Naptha into a bowl.
  3. Pour grated Fels Naptha into boiling water while stirring, turn heat down to medium-low but still simmering, and stir well with whisk until soap is completely dissolved. Remove from heat.
  4. Fill 4-gallon bucket with 3 gallons of hot water.
  5. Add Borax and Washing Soda to hot water, then add the hot liquid soap. Stir with large spoon or whisk.
  6. Cover bucket with lid and let cool for an hour. After an hour, use a funnel and a large cup to pour detergent into milk gallons. Let the detergent sit for 24 hours before using for the first time. Detergent will turn into a solid jelly-like texture when sitting, simply shake gallon before using and it will return to its normal liquid consistency.
  7. When ready to use:
  8. Shake gallon until detergent turns into a liquid. Use ½ cup of detergent per load of laundry.

Also helpful:

Print out these super cute labels above that I made and tape them to your milk gallons!

Printable Soap Labels Here

Don’t Throw Away This Part Of An Onion!

I’m never buying green onions again. Here’s why. I had no idea how easy it was to create an endless supply of fresh green onions at home, and how quickly they grow! Green onions (scallions) are packed with vital and essential nutrients (read all about the impressive health benefits of green onions here). They add such an amazing flavor to almost any meal, and if you grow them at home, you never have to buy them again! Here’s what I did:

I cut the onions right above the roots just past where it starts to turn green and put them in a glass jar filled with water. I originally thought I needed to put them in a large mason jar and insert toothpicks in them so they don’t sink, and realized I could use a smaller jar and add just enough water for the roots to be covered. Two days later, my onions started growing!

Green onions will grow tall and quickly but can get mushy if you leave them in water, so after a week I transferred them into a pot. You can add sand on top of the soil to avoid fruit flies. My onions grew about 12″ and I finally snipped them yesterday, and I’m expecting them to fully re-grow within 2 weeks.

green onion growing

Why would anyone not do this from now on?? It was so easy and the onions did not stink like garlic does when it grows. And when it’s time to harvest, simply snip off however much of the onion you need and it will grow back within weeks! Congrats, you grew your own onions at home!holding a bunch of green onionchopped green onion

Here are a few ideas that you can make with your onions:

5 Ways to Use Up a Bunch of Scallions

19 Scallion Recipes

Green Onion Recipes

Why I Get Brazilian Blowouts (despite it being harmful)

What’s the big deal about naturally curly vs straightened hair, anyways? Who cares?

Here’s my story. I’ve had curls my whole life, and being biracial, half of my family thought my hair was amazing and “au natural” to wear it curly, while the other half called it “nappy” and encouraged me to chop it off and keep it short.

I’ve always struggled with my hair. Ive always had tangles and breakage, despite my best efforts in keeping up with it. As a model, I’ve been in many hair shows and have had so many hair stylists ruin my hair over and over for money’s sake (One thong I can say with absolute surety is that Rusk brand is NOT meant for curly hair). And on top of that, after giving birth to each of my babies, my hair starts to form into dreadlocks on its own. I have no idea why this happens.

I’ve tried the Curly Girl Method. I’ve tried relaxers, and vegan dyes and trimming my hair every 6 weeks.. and have spent thousands of dollars on hair products. I’m so sick of people swearing by a certain hair product, only to learn it was an affiliate marketing scheme and the product is really expensive crap I fell into the trap of ordering.

I’m sure Brazilian Blowouts aren’t the best for your hair – or your skin. I’ve heard the stories about the formaldehyde and toxins and harsh chemicals you’re likely putting in your hair, but if I were to honestly look at what I want: long manageable hair that does what I want it to, when I want it to, I believe I’ve found the right method for me!

My natural curls are a 3B/3C. Well, they’re supposed to be. In reality, they’re a fuzzy tangled mess. And everyone else seems to know what’s best for my hair but me, right? I’ve heard it all:

“Wear a pineapple style to sleep to preserve your curls” – It tangles the back of my hair.

“Use shampoo and conditioner without sulfates/parabens/silicones.” – Find me one that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

“Sleep with a satin pillowcase” – All the hair products soak into the pillowcase and into my skin and then I have another problem: breakouts.

“Wrap your hair up before you sleep” – Has anyone found a wrap that’s 1) actually comfortable and 2) stays on overnight?

“Do the Curly Girl Method” – have you seen how many products these ladies are putting in their hair?? Oil, gel, leave in conditioner, mousse, hairspray, some other spritzy blitz crap, I just don’t want all that in my hair! I don’t have 2 hours to get ready for my day, I have a screaming baby and a 4 year old who wants breakfast the minute his eyes open in the morning! Its gotta be tough for these women keep up with their hair and all the gick they shlop into it.. not to mention “diffusing”. And notice how there’s no actual list of stuff to use, everyone uses their own products and no one can really explain one simple method. CGM is flawed because it assumes tangles don’t exist. These ladies don’t spend an hour in the shower each day separating and detangling chunks of “mop”.

With a Brazilian Blowout treatment, I get to keep it simple. I get it done by a trusted hair stylist, use Honest Company brand shampoo and conditioner when it’s time to wash, and the conditioner again as a leave-in for styling. No tangles, no mess, it grows very quickly, and I can wear it in loose curls or straight. So far this has worked very well for me. Yes it’s ridiculous how expensive the BB is, $100 for a treatment that lasts 3-6 months, and shampoo and conditioners are – $10 for a 10oz bottle, but it also doubles as a gentle body wash. Bam, 2 for 1.

Anyone else want to defy the curly girl rules with me and use this method? No? Then please feel free to share products and methods that truly keep it simple for the curly hair and the wallet. Thanks!

~Yours Truly

Get Free or Low Cost Beauty Products Mailed to Your Home

As we all know, beauty comes at a price, of course no one told our wallets that. Isn’t there a way that you can get all of your beauty wants and needs without breaking the bank??? ABSOLUTELY!!! Here’s the scoop on how you can score free or low-cost beauty products without leaving home!

Let’s start with a brief survey:

Do you ever feel like there’s a “love of your life” product out there that you haven’t met yet?
Do you feel lost in a full and complex beauty world?
Are there products you want to try but your budget doesn’t allow you to take that leap of faith?

If you said yes to any of the above questions then a Beauty Box could be the answer to all your hopes and dreams!! What is a Beauty Box you ask? A Beauty Box is a package sent right to your door, filled with a full range of beauty supplies and products for you to try! These supplies and products often come in sizes ranging from Travel, Deluxe Sample, and Full. Some Boxes focus on Luxury items, others cover a full price range, and there’s even a box that puts the focus on eco-friendly, sustainable, beauty care!

Sounds Great! What are some of these boxes and which one is right for me?

IPSY: This one sends you a full range of beauty, hair, and nail care. Sometimes they’ll even throw in fun things like ear-buds! They stick with domestic brands, so if you fall in love with a product it’s close to home! They are $10 a month. If you’re new to Ipsy, go ahead and use this link and avoid being put on the waitlist! I’ll also get points for everyone I refer so don’t hesitate to use this link to sign up! And as you refer people to Ipsy, you will receive free stuff also!

BIRCHBOX: This is a popular one. It’s only $10 a month or $110 for a one year subscription. They also have a $20 box for the Guys! They send out a full price range of products but tend to favor Medium-High.

BEAUTY ARMY: In all other boxes mentioned your products are chosen for you and are sometimes a mystery. While that may be fun and exciting for some, those of us who don’t like surprises and like to be in control will prefer Beauty Army! With Beauty Army YOU CHOOSE what 6 products your $12 a month brings you! You will have plenty of high-end products to choose from and they promise you that at least one (if not more) of your products will be full size!

GLOSSYBOX: Focuses on High-end Luxury products from all around the globe! Some of these products are ones you could never get unless you went to their exotic locations. Glossybox offers a 1 month ($21), 3 month ($60), 6 month ($115), and 1 Year ($220) subscription.

GOODEBOX: This is the Eco-Friendly Box! They put their focus on finding you the healthiest, green, ingredients and make sure each brands Ethics and Performance is top of the line! Sweet deal for $16 a month!

INFLUENSTER VOXBOX (FREE): If you’re social-media savvy and have a strong online presence, this box is PERFECT for you! You get a FREE (seriously, $0.00 cost) box of goodies that sometimes include makeup, hair products, snacks, new vitamins, lotion, body wash, toothpaste, etc. etc. and in return, you write reviews on these products!! You’ll be asked to take surveys in order to qualify for these products and you don’t get them every month but hey, who can beat a box of FREE stuff? Pretty much no one!

There’s also more beauty box subscriptions that I’ve seen online, such as Boxycharm, Sample Society,  and Lusthaveit which range from $20-30/mo for their subscription, and they send 4-7 deluxe samples of beauty supplies, haircare, makeup, treats and some full-sized products. Beautyfix ($50.00/mo) is a little more on the pricey side, but they send even more samples in the mail, and they’re typically more high-end luxury products and treatments. Not to mention FabFitFun!

For more FREE STUFF, you can also send hand-written personal letters to companies via mail and tell them how much you love their products, what your favorites are, and ask for coupons, OR you can tell them you’re looking for a new favorite product and ask if they have any samples they’d be willing to share. Both get you free or discounted stuff! Go ahead and try it! I’ve gotten soooooooooooo many free samples delivered to my house from doing this including maxi pads, energy supplements, lotion/skincare and haircare samples, candy, energy and protein bars, baby wipes and makeup remover cloths, etc.!

Please share this wonderful news! All ladies deserve to look like a Princess and be treated like a Queen!