What’s the big deal about naturally curly vs straightened hair, anyways? Who cares?

Here’s my story. I’ve had curls my whole life, and being biracial, half of my family thought my hair was amazing and “au natural” to wear it curly, while the other half called it “nappy” and encouraged me to chop it off and keep it short.

I’ve always struggled with my hair. Ive always had tangles and breakage, despite my best efforts in keeping up with it. As a model, I’ve been in many hair shows and have had so many hair stylists ruin my hair over and over for money’s sake (One thong I can say with absolute surety is that Rusk brand is NOT meant for curly hair). And on top of that, after giving birth to each of my babies, my hair starts to form into dreadlocks on its own. I have no idea why this happens.

I’ve tried the Curly Girl Method. I’ve tried relaxers, and vegan dyes and trimming my hair every 6 weeks.. and have spent thousands of dollars on hair products. I’m so sick of people swearing by a certain hair product, only to learn it was an affiliate marketing scheme and the product is really expensive crap I fell into the trap of ordering.

I’m sure Brazilian Blowouts aren’t the best for your hair – or your skin. I’ve heard the stories about the formaldehyde and toxins and harsh chemicals you’re likely putting in your hair, but if I were to honestly look at what I want: long manageable hair that does what I want it to, when I want it to, I believe I’ve found the right method for me!

My natural curls are a 3B/3C. Well, they’re supposed to be. In reality, they’re a fuzzy tangled mess. And everyone else seems to know what’s best for my hair but me, right? I’ve heard it all:

“Wear a pineapple style to sleep to preserve your curls” – It tangles the back of my hair.

“Use shampoo and conditioner without sulfates/parabens/silicones.” – Find me one that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

“Sleep with a satin pillowcase” – All the hair products soak into the pillowcase and into my skin and then I have another problem: breakouts.

“Wrap your hair up before you sleep” – Has anyone found a wrap that’s 1) actually comfortable and 2) stays on overnight?

“Do the Curly Girl Method” – have you seen how many products these ladies are putting in their hair?? Oil, gel, leave in conditioner, mousse, hairspray, some other spritzy blitz crap, I just don’t want all that in my hair! I don’t have 2 hours to get ready for my day, I have a screaming baby and a 4 year old who wants breakfast the minute his eyes open in the morning! Its gotta be tough for these women keep up with their hair and all the gick they shlop into it.. not to mention “diffusing”. And notice how there’s no actual list of stuff to use, everyone uses their own products and no one can really explain one simple method. CGM is flawed because it assumes tangles don’t exist. These ladies don’t spend an hour in the shower each day separating and detangling chunks of “mop”.

With a Brazilian Blowout treatment, I get to keep it simple. I get it done by a trusted hair stylist, use Honest Company brand shampoo and conditioner when it’s time to wash, and the conditioner again as a leave-in for styling. No tangles, no mess, it grows very quickly, and I can wear it in loose curls or straight. So far this has worked very well for me. Yes it’s ridiculous how expensive the BB is, $100 for a treatment that lasts 3-6 months, and shampoo and conditioners are – $10 for a 10oz bottle, but it also doubles as a gentle body wash. Bam, 2 for 1.

Anyone else want to defy the curly girl rules with me and use this method? No? Then please feel free to share products and methods that truly keep it simple for the curly hair and the wallet. Thanks!

~Yours Truly

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