Get Free or Low Cost Beauty Products Mailed to Your Home

Get Free or Low Cost Beauty Products Mailed to Your Home

As we all know, beauty comes at a price, of course no one told our wallets that. Isn’t there a way that you can get all of your beauty wants and needs without breaking the bank??? ABSOLUTELY!!! Here’s the scoop on how you can score free or low-cost beauty products without leaving home!


Let’s start with a brief survey:

Do you ever feel like there’s a “love of your life” product out there that you haven’t met yet?
Do you feel lost in a full and complex beauty world?
Are there products you want to try but your budget doesn’t allow you to take that leap of faith?

If you said yes to any of the above questions then a Beauty Box could be the answer to all your hopes and dreams!! What is a Beauty Box you ask? A Beauty Box is a package sent right to your door, filled with a full range of beauty supplies and products for you to try! These supplies and products often come in sizes ranging from Travel, Deluxe Sample, and Full. Some Boxes focus on Luxury items, others cover a full price range, and there’s even a box that puts the focus on eco-friendly, sustainable, beauty care!

Sounds Great! What are some of these boxes and which one is right for me?

IPSY: This one sends you a full range of beauty, hair, and nail care. Sometimes they’ll even throw in fun things like ear-buds! They stick with domestic brands, so if you fall in love with a product it’s close to home! They are $10 a month. If you’re new to Ipsy, go ahead and use this link and avoid being put on the waitlist! I’ll also get points for everyone I refer so don’t hesitate to use this link to sign up! And as you refer people to Ipsy, you will receive free stuff also!

BIRCHBOX: This is a popular one. It’s only $10 a month or $110 for a one year subscription. They also have a $20 box for the Guys! They send out a full price range of products but tend to favor Medium-High.

BEAUTY ARMY: In all other boxes mentioned your products are chosen for you and are sometimes a mystery. While that may be fun and exciting for some, those of us who don’t like surprises and like to be in control will prefer Beauty Army! With Beauty Army YOU CHOOSE what 6 products your $12 a month brings you! You will have plenty of high-end products to choose from and they promise you that at least one (if not more) of your products will be full size!

GLOSSYBOX: Focuses on High-end Luxury products from all around the globe! Some of these products are ones you could never get unless you went to their exotic locations. Glossybox offers a 1 month ($21), 3 month ($60), 6 month ($115), and 1 Year ($220) subscription.

GOODEBOX: This is the Eco-Friendly Box! They put their focus on finding you the healthiest, green, ingredients and make sure each brands Ethics and Performance is top of the line! Sweet deal for $16 a month!

INFLUENSTER VOXBOX (FREE): If you’re social-media savvy and have a strong online presence, this box is PERFECT for you! You get a FREE (seriously, $0.00 cost) box of goodies that sometimes include makeup, hair products, snacks, new vitamins, lotion, body wash, toothpaste, etc. etc. and in return, you write reviews on these products!! You’ll be asked to take surveys in order to qualify for these products and you don’t get them every month but hey, who can beat a box of FREE stuff? Pretty much no one!

There’s also more beauty box subscriptions that I’ve seen online, such as Boxycharm, Sample Society,  and Lusthaveit which range from $20-30/mo for their subscription, and they send 4-7 deluxe samples of beauty supplies, haircare, makeup, treats and some full-sized products. Beautyfix ($50.00/mo) is a little more on the pricey side, but they send even more samples in the mail, and they’re typically more high-end luxury products and treatments. Not to mention FabFitFun!

For more FREE STUFF, you can also send hand-written personal letters to companies via mail and tell them how much you love their products, what your favorites are, and ask for coupons, OR you can tell them you’re looking for a new favorite product and ask if they have any samples they’d be willing to share. Both get you free or discounted stuff! Go ahead and try it! I’ve gotten soooooooooooo many free samples delivered to my house from doing this including maxi pads, energy supplements, lotion/skincare and haircare samples, candy, energy and protein bars, baby wipes and makeup remover cloths, etc.!

Please share this wonderful news! All ladies deserve to look like a Princess and be treated like a Queen!

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