Don’t Throw Away This Part Of An Onion!

Don’t Throw Away This Part Of An Onion!

I’m never buying green onions again. Here’s why. I had no idea how easy it was to create an endless supply of fresh green onions at home, and how quickly they grow! Green onions (scallions) are packed with vital and essential nutrients (read all about the impressive health benefits of green onions here). They add such an amazing flavor to almost any meal, and if you grow them at home, you never have to buy them again! Here’s what I did:

I cut the onions right above the roots just past where it starts to turn green and put them in a glass jar filled with water. I originally thought I needed to put them in a large mason jar and insert toothpicks in them so they don’t sink, and realized I could use a smaller jar and add just enough water for the roots to be covered. Two days later, my onions started growing!

Green onions will grow tall and quickly but can get mushy if you leave them in water, so after a week I transferred them into a pot. You can add sand on top of the soil to avoid fruit flies. My onions grew about 12″ and I finally snipped them yesterday, and I’m expecting them to fully re-grow within 2 weeks.

green onion growing

Why would anyone not do this from now on?? It was so easy and the onions did not stink like garlic does when it grows. And when it’s time to harvest, simply snip off however much of the onion you need and it will grow back within weeks! Congrats, you grew your own onions at home!holding a bunch of green onionchopped green onion

Here are a few ideas that you can make with your onions:

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