HighKey Keto Brownie Baking Mix – Is It Worth the Cost?

HighKey Keto Brownie Baking Mix – Is It Worth the Cost?

I’m going to be HONEST here. These are disgusting. That’s $10 bucks I’ll never see again.

I’ve had the opportunity to do a review on these keto chocolate chip brownies (sold by Amazon) and they wanted me to be honest so here I go: They are absolutely disgusting.

Void of flavor, happiness and the essence of what makes brownies “desired”, they made me want to cry. My soul aches with each bite, yet they so deceivingly look and smell like brownies that it just hurts my heart to think of wasting them. If the devil had a cooking show, he would make these.

I’m not an expert on how “keto” food is supposed to taste but I feel terribly bad for those who wish to try this diet. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone but my ex. My intestines weep with each swallow, and the aftertaste makes me feel like I coughed up a lung.

If you were to open up a AA battery and smear it against the side of an old bus and taste it, that’s pretty much what these taste like. It’s better and more satisfying to the soul to save your money and your sanity and eat normal sugar-filled brownies.

I recommend Ghirardelli brand brownie mix instead. They at least know what defines a brownie.

(If you enjoyed this review, as much as I’d love a referral fee, please follow my advice and DO NOT purchase High Key Keto brownie mix! Instead, purchase Ghirardelli brownie mix by clicking below. I will receive a small commission for your purchase)

The good stuff.

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