Lime Basil White Chocolate Chip Cookies

Lime Basil White Chocolate Chip Cookies

Do you have a basil plant that’s flourishing but you don’t know what to do with all those leaves? Are you sick of making the same boring pasta and pesto sauces with your basil? Here’s an idea, basil can be used in desserts!

The thought of using basil in a dessert horrified me. In my head, it just didn’t make sense. But I realized that mint is also an herb that gets used in desserts, as well as lavender. So I decided to give it a go. 

I love basil and lime together, so I wanted to start with that. And a tad bit of lime juice, but not too much. And because I did not want to create sour cookies, I used a soft sugar cookie recipe as my base, and added white chocolate chips as a finishing touch.

Wow. If a cookie described Heaven, I’m sure this would be it. These Lime Basil White Chocolate Chip cookies were incredible and heavenly. This recipe is truly a divine indulgence that leaves your tastebuds dancing! A sugar cookie at heart with a zesty, sweet and soft center. I can’t stop eating them as I write this recipe. Yum. And to think that this specific recipe exists NOWHERE on the internet until now? It’s an official, original Matheson family recipe.

So here is the recipe that’s going to make me fat. Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to officially announce the birth of these babies, my Lime Basil White Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe.


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